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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by dbecklund, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. I just retired and now have some time for some serious smoking.

    My first assist question is whether or not a somewhat reliable remote (wireless) thermometer exists.
  2. mossymo

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    Welcome to SMF !!!
    Now that you want to get into to smoking after retiring, you will never have any spare time. You will be loading up the fridge and freezer with smoked goodies !!!
    I have a remote called a Redi-Chek Smoker, seems to be a good thermometer. I believe it may be manufactured by Maverick and be their 693101
  3. peculiarmike

    peculiarmike Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Absolutely. I have a Brookstone Grill Alert Talking Remote Thermometer that is great. 300' range. Been using it about 5 years.
    Also have 2 Oregon Scientific wireless remote thermometers.
    Everyone has their favorites.
    The deal is - TAKE CARE OF YOUR PROBES. Don't kink the wire and don't beat the probe up, NEVER pull on the wire, always pull on the plug or probe itself.
    And don't let anyone tell you letting the probe touch metal will "ground it out" and kill it, That's BS. And that's the truth.
    I'm retired and don't see how I ever had time to work. [​IMG]
  4. ds7662

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    Welcome to the site. I see you have already gotten some ideas and all are good ones.[​IMG]
  5. richtee

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    Welcome DB... perhaps allow us to give better answers by letting us know your experience level, type of equipment and location. All have a bearing on the correct answers.

    And welcome to SMF!
  6. kookie

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    Welcome aboard. I just got what I think is a pretty good wireless thermo at Target. It's Smart BBQ brand. Only $17.99.

  7. capt dan

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    welcome aboard, I am jealous. I will never be retired, my wife will be driving me to work with a snoopy lunch box when I am 80![​IMG]

    Be careful. Not working and barbequing may lead to weight gain![​IMG]
  8. walking dude

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    Maverick ET-73........also known as the some folks been having problems with them.........but i got one for christmas and it werks like a has two for the meat, and one for the you got two temps in one unit
  9. cman95

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    Welcome to SMF. This is THE place to be. I use a Oregon Scientific AW-131. Works great. Good luck.
  10. charles1056

    charles1056 Meat Mopper

    Welcome to the forum. I use a Radio Shack version that I've used for about 5 years now. Just had to change batteries this weekend. (Getting alot more use now). Also just bought a redi check and it works great too.
  11. morkdach

    morkdach Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    welcome aboard i started with maveric et73 and it has lived for over 2 years of abuse as in dropping in the middle night when the alarm goes off
  12. richoso1

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    Welcome to the SMF, plenty of friendly folks here that are willing to share. Looking forward to your smoke and Q too!
  13. Thanks so much for the help. I've been smoking with a black friend of mine from Oklahoma since the 1970s but it's not been consistent and we used a home-welded clunker that was more than a challenge. I bought a Brinkman offset about 10 years ago and finally gave up on in here in Colorado because of the inconsistent, changing winds (I live near the foothills windtunnel). I now use a couple of Smokin Tex 1500s where I can get up to 150 pounds of butt done for our church and neighborhood parties without killing ourselves. My largest crowd has been a little under 200. I want to take it to the next step and focus on quality and rather than the quantity track I'm been on for too many years.

    My Redichecks have consistently check out and that's why I'm looking for an alternative.

    BTW, this site is a great help.
  14. cowgirl

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    Welcome to the forum![​IMG]
  15. mossymo

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    That is alot of mouths to smoke for at one time; I'm impressed !!!
  16. charles1056

    charles1056 Meat Mopper

    Welcome to the forum dbecklund. You can definitely find what you are looking for here

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