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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jarhead84, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. jarhead84

    jarhead84 Newbie

    Ok so I went to Walmart for another shot at smoking a bone on pork butt with my side smoker combo grill (yeah I know but its what I have)

    A) As this is my second shot is there a chance Walmart meat is not as good as a butcher they all come from a pig right?

    B) I used lump coal about half bag with a few hickory chips. The heat stayed around 240 for about the 5 hours before I had to add more coal. I used a chimney starter which worked but didn't last near as long as pouring in the coals ( should I pull the meat out and re-light more coals as normal cause I would have to use two chimneys to get that amount)?

    C) I put on a 8 lb pork butt and a full rack of ribs. No marinade, just took the membrane off the ribs used a little Mustard and Dry rub.

    D) used the 3 2 1 method for the ribs ( they never reached temperature but were clearly done cooking WTH. I have a thermoworks type temperature probe and second probe that tells me the smoker temperature and meat temp (pork butt). I put on the meat around 10 am and took off around 2330. The meat temperature for the pork butt never reached above 158 even after I wrapped it in foil and cranked up the heat for a little bit. 

    Got frustrated and tired and took the meat off threw it in the fridge and baked at 230 for 8 hours today. the Meat reached 198 and I took it out and let it rest It pulled for the most part but the bone didnt fall out as expected.

    Does it really take that long?? I went threw an entire bag of lump charcoal, what else can I do?

    Your Guidance Please....
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  2. smokeymose

    smokeymose Master of the Pit

    As for the butt, yes they can take that long, which is why I don't do them bigger than 5 or 6lbs now. If you can't find the smaller ones, just take a couple slices off. They fry up good!
    As for Wal-Mart meat, a little story. A few weeks ago I made my first foray into snack sticks. I picked up 5lbs of ground chuck 80/20 from Meijer and reground it through the fine plate and they came out so good the boss asked me to make some for him. So I went to WM to find a laundry rack to dry sausages on and while there I saw ground chuck 80/20 and thought why make another stop.
    After using the exact same recipe, while stuffing, I had juices squirting out around the horn so bad I was constantly mopping it up. I'll never buy meat at Wal-Mart again.
  3. tom02

    tom02 Fire Starter

    I buy smithfield buts at wal-mart all the time and never had a problem.
  4. jarhead84

    jarhead84 Newbie

    So whats the deal with the temp and how do you keep the heat going?
  5. stickyfingers

    stickyfingers Smoking Fanatic

    In a nut shell, it's not from where you buy the meat that is causing the stall. Yes, most butts will hit a stall and sometimes it can last as long as 4 hours...wait, persevere! Wrapping it in foil will help shorten the length of time of the stall. Smoking at a higher temp will help shorten the length of time as well. Example 275-325 vs 225. But most butts will stall...depending on the amount of connective tissue. Once you reach that magic temp of 195-200, LET IT REST (wrapped) at least 1-2 hours (2hours for me) this will ensure tender (easy to remove bone) butt.   
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  6. johnboybaker

    johnboybaker Fire Starter

    I had got some from Sam's that did the same thing. But some might not agree we me but it seems if I keep the water pan half full or better the hole cook everything cooks faster then with a allmost empty pan.
  7. smokeymose

    smokeymose Master of the Pit

    OK, I was a bit out of line dissing Wal-Mart meat like that from one experience with ground meat. I know people who get all their groceries there.


    I think the general consensus is that cooking a butt takes a long time (I personally have seen 2 hour stalls). Plan on it and be patient.
  8. tropics

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    J you maybe able to make a charcoal basket for your smoker.That would give you better control of the heat,use the basket and do the minion method.Just a thought

  9. drewed

    drewed Meat Mopper

    A) It should be fine.  Or at least on par with any other grocery store.  You may find closer to what you want at a butcher, as they will cut 

    B) You can add more lump to your already burning coal.  Just toss it in, no need to pre-light it.

    C) That is a good sized butt!

    D) Ribs are almost impossible to temp accuratly.  

    8 hours may not be long enough for that size butt.  I've had them run consistently over 10 hours. 198 is close, but I shoot for 203-205.  I also don't go with the long cooler rest.  I set it on the counter until it is cool enough to pull.

    I use most of a bag of briquettes when smoking, I lump will use even more.
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  10. johnboybaker

    johnboybaker Fire Starter

    And feel the meat before you buy it the loser the meat feels in the site the shorter the cook time because there is less connective tissue that has to melt away. And I don't do it but I have a friend that will freeze his butts for a week the lay them in the fridge for a day or to before priping them for the cooker, he says that they freeze and thought process speeds up the cook.
  11. GaryHibbert

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    I do a lot of butts--they're my favorite smoked meat!!  I always use a 5 pounder (approx) and cook at 240* with full smoke until the stall.  Then foil and into the oven at 250* to an IT of 205* (never any less).  It comes out of the oven, a goodly chunk is removed for supper, and the rest of the butt sits uncovered on the counter until after supper.  Then it pulls easily and I don't burn my fingers.  The most important thing necessary for a successful pork butt smoke is........PATIENCE.  Sit back, relax, and let the meat do its own thing at its own speed--no hassles, no stress.


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