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  1. OK, Here's a spin of one of Hawaii's local favorite called chicken lau lau, basically is chicken wrapped with taro leaves and ti leaves and steamed or cooked in the ground imu witch is a slow smoke steam cooking. I decided to do a nice rollade "Fattie" where I deboned a whole chicken, seasoned and stuffed it with cooked taro leave and added a Hawaii favaorite sausage, Portugese sausage. This turned out amazingly tender and very good and any Islander would love it. You can use any greens that you like and add any sausage you like to give it you touch on this rolled "Fattie"

    Here we go:

    Here's the ingredients, taro leaves, onion, garlic, whole chicken and linguisa sausage.

    Cooked up the taro leaves with some garlic, sliced onion, cooked till it melted down and added some white wine and covered with chicken broth and cooked till tender about 2 hours.

    Got a whole chicken, deboned it

    Pounded the chicken a little flat as much as I could

    I saved some of the juices from the cooked greens, add some corn starch to tighten it a bit and then added some bread crumbs to give it some stuffable texture.

    I spread out the greens, then set the sausage on the greens

    I then rolled it up, but ran into a snag trying to roll the bacon around, it was to large and flimsy to handle so I ended up cutting it in half and managed to roll 2 rolls with the bacon, then wrapped in plastic to roll it tight.

    In the smoker set at 225

    2 hours and 15 minutes, It was done at 170 internal temp

    Dinner was ready, the stuffed chicken roll was great, lot's of flavor and juicy. Add your favorite greens and sausage and try it out. The bacon rolling was a little tricky but with a little patience it was ok. Thanks for checking it out.
  2. fire it up

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    What a really interesting idea, but you left us hanging...no final cooked/cut pics?
  3. alx

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    Sounds awesome.Thanks.
  4. I was editing the post because I inputed the thread but I wasn't done, Pushed the wrong button, so here you go..
  5. ryans

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    damn, that looks good!
  6. mballi3011

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    WOW Is all I can say about that one [​IMG][​IMG]for just thinking of it and more for pulling it off and then showing us out here. Not sure if it is a real fattie but maybe a moderator can make that call but I do and it is by far the most unigue fattie non to this site. That I have seen in the short time I have been here WOW
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    Looks aawesome.. using a bacon weave might make the rolling easier. [​IMG]
  8. nate_46

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    Very interesting. I bet the chicken had an unbelievable amount of flavor. I may have to try something like this. Very good sir.
  9. rons

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    Cool, man that looks like something from a spendy trendy restraunt!
  10. That looks great. Cool idea.

    How did you debone that chicken while keeping it whole like that? Never seen that technique before...
  11. Yes, you have alot flavor caught in the stuffing and kept the chicken very moist, I left the skin on so that kept the juices in as well, I had no choice but to leave the skin on to hold the meat together.

    Today 11:12 AMBackcountryThat looks great. Cool idea.

    How did you debone that chicken while keeping it whole like that? Never seen that technique before...

    First off you gotta leave the skin on, that's what holds all the meat parts together, as in the picture, cut along one side of the breast bone and carefully make your way to the back bone, then do the other side starting at the breast. Cut the wings off then from the inside of the bird cut out the drummet bone, use a boning knife and cut along inside that drummet bone and pull and scrape the meat as you pull out that bone, then remove the thigh bone again cut along the bone and remove crack the joint and remove it, then cut offf the end of the drumstick, then cut along the drumstick bone from the inside and pull that bone out and there you go. The trick is to go for it but try not to cut the skin, you can cut all you like under skin into all the meat trying to remove the bones just try to not cut the skin and you'll be good to go.
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    Looks awesome.

    [​IMG]for something completely new.
  13. Very cool. I might have to buy a cheap chicken and try my luck at getting all the bones out while keeping it as one piece of meat to pound flat. That's really neat.

  14. chisoxjim

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    that chicken looks great, really like the link of sausage inside.

  15. Looks unbelievable. points for originality!

  16. Well done with the lau lau! I love anything cooked WITHIN the leaves but now you have me wondering about putting the leaves inside.

    The Portuguese Linguiza is a great sausage we used to have in Dearborn at a place called Spencer's Indoor Grill many moons past. I sure do miss that place but appreciate you reminding and inspiring me.

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    maui, you beat me to it! i was going to try something very similar from the philipines!

    looks great and i am thankful for the step-by-step ~ your looks very similar to the one i was planning!
  18. Very cool, look forward to the Qview, along this line I'm thinking like a Pork island roll and some other stuff I thnking of trying.

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