Pure moose sausage?

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  1. I have been asked to make snack stix using only moose meat. I usually use 30% pork. Is there a way to do it and still get the same texture and moisture level as 30% pork?
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    Your going to have to have some kind of fat in there. Otherwise I don't think it'll hold together well and it'll be rather dry.
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    Are you referring to 30% pork fat or 30% pork shoulder. I can make snack sticks at 93 percent lean beef with very little fat and they come out good.. I dont know what the fat content moose parts have. Make a small 2 lb test batch and experiment.
  4. I would ask them why they asked for 100% moose meat. Maybe they mistakenly think the moose sausage they ate in the past was 100% moose.  Ask them if they like it very very dry. 
  5. Moose is as lean as elk if not leaner and if this is 100% moose meat, it's going to be very very dry!
  6. I make my moose stix with 30% pork trim from the butcher. It's not pure fat but not as lean as pork butt. Ground moose is far leaner and drier than extra lean ground beef. He will not eat pork because it is a religion thing. I was wondering if there is a fat substitute I could use. I was thinking maybe adding gelatin would make it more moist.
  7. What about beef fat?

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  9. You could use beef fat trimmings.

    Also check The Sausage Maker Inc fat replacer, CKX Fat Reducer-Cholesterol Fighter actually simulates fat's creamy texture! USDA approved. Can be used in hamburgers, meat loaf, breakfast sausage, chorizo, Italian sausage, all types of fresh venison sausage, smoked sausages and salamis. 8 oz. will process 60 lbs. of meat.

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    Did the moose look like this?  I have eaten more moose meat (38 years worth) than most folks have seen and it is damn fine.

    I add 20% beef fat to it which means 8# of meat and 2# of beef fat.  Moose is 97-98% lean and makes crappy sausage/salami/SS without some fat.  You want to use the good dense hard fat and not the wrinkled looking thin stuff.  Make some damn fine burger/chili meat/taco meat and breakfast sausage too.

    Good sausage requires pork for good mouth feel and to mellow out the game taste.  If it is a religious thing then I would add 15-20% beef fat and make your product.  Be real careful to do it right or it will fat out on you too.

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    There ya go........ I cant argue with Rex...... Nice.................................[​IMG]
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    Nothin more for me to add here.........except.........Dang Rex!!!!!! that Moose is a PIG!!!!! Well done Thumbs Up Those paddles are HUGH !!!!
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    Wish I lived some where that you could kill more than a 50lb deer...NICE Moose...

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