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Discussion in 'Pork' started by chdolfnz, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. chdolfnz

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    Hello all,
    I am planning my first pulled pork smoke this weekend for the football games on Sat. as I posted a few days ago. Just have a couple of questions..1)If I smoke and pull the pork on Fri and put in refrig., will it still be ok to heat up in a crock pot on Sat..I am pressed for time to do everythin on Sat, so I thought I would get a jump on things Fri?!!(Does this make sense?) 2) What would be a good finishing sauce to use..most of the Family does not like a lot of heat (except me of course!)...They like the sweet sauces!!
    Thanks all in advance and wish me luck on the first pork smoke!!!
  2. illini

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    It will be just great in my opinion....Seems like my pulled pork is better after it has been stored...short refrigeration time or frozen for an extended time...both work well.

    If you serve the sauces on the side everyone will be satisfied as to their personal tastes....that is what works for me

    Good Luck on your smoke[​IMG]
  3. twistertail

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    I did a shoulder on Saturday and eating the last of the left overs today and its still good. Its best just after you pull it but still really good re-heated. I have just been using the microwave to heat up enough for a few sandwiches but I'm sure the crock pot would work fine for re-heating. Sweet Baby Rays is a great sauce, you could get the original for every one else but they also make a Hot & Spicey and a Honey Chipotle that is awsome if you want a little heat.
  4. hawgheaven

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    You'll be fine reheating on Saturday... I do it all the time. As Illini pointed out, it tastes better the next day. Before storing, I pull it and add a little of my vinegar based sauce (http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ead.php?t=7691), mix it well, then into the fridge.

    As far as sauces, I usually offer the aforementioned vinegar based sauce and a sweeter BBQ-type sauce at serving time.
  5. chdolfnz

    chdolfnz Fire Starter

    Thanks a bunch for the info..sounds great! I think offering a couple different sauces at serving time will be the best bet! Getting hungry thinking about it! As always, you guys and gals always come through with great, useful info!!!![​IMG] Just one more question (honest)!..how much shrinkage(for lack of better term) do you normally get when smoking a pork butt..is it significant or not that much..just trying to figure how much pork to smoke for the number of people. (Planning 4 to 6 adults an 4 children). Thanks again!!!

  6. smokin for life

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    I agree with everyone else about reheating it. To be honest I just took some out of the freezer last night and reheated it. YUMMY It reallt does seem to taste better. I guess the flavor sets in better. I have to be honest about sauce, the only one I use is Jeff's sauce.
  7. dutch

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    When I do pulled pork ahead of time, I store it in foodsaver bags in 1 pound lots. I then freeze it and when it come time for some pork, I'll drop a bag into a pot of boiling water or I'll toss it into the microwave on "defrost" then run it through a "reheat" cycle.
  8. chdolfnz

    chdolfnz Fire Starter

    Thanks Dutch...by the way, I'm also doing a batch of your Wicked beans on Sat...will be the first for me...They sound great! Can't wait to try them!!! Will probably tone down the heat a bit for the rest of the gang!

  9. Personally I'm a big fan of apple cider, so when I reheat pulled pork, I spray it as it warms. I think it helps keep it moist.
  10. ron50

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    You can figure about 40-60 % usable meat from a butt after shrinkage, fat removal, etc. Usually about 4-6 ounces of meat per sammy.
    So if you are figuring a sammy each for the kids and maybe 1-2 per adult. You need enough meet for 14 sandwiches which is about 5lbs of pulled pork meat. So to be safe I'd figure on about two 6 lb butts and you should have some left overs. If you plan on lots of sides or other meat like chicken or ribs as well you could make less.
    Better to error on too much, you can always freeze the leftovers or send them to me!
  11. bwsmith_2000

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    I've used quite a few finishing sauces but the one in the link from Soflquer is the best I know. the link is:


    I use this one on all my pulled pork and have always gotten rave reviews. If you choose to use it, put it on right after pulling the pork. Mix well and then either serve it or refrigerate or freeze it. It will really make the dish. (IMHO) Of course, all of us have out favorites. This happens to be mine and I hope you like it as much as I do.
  12. walking dude

    walking dude Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    i agree with twistertail on the sweetbaby rays......finally located some........have only tried the original, but can't wait to try the other two

    hey, place one of them butts in a pan, maybe add some of the juice you collect, and add to Dutch's beans........yum..........


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