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  1. Did my first bacon today on MES 30 2nd gen. Had problem keeping amazen burning. Dried pellets in microwave first, ground them slightly in spice mill,placed amazen on bottom next to chip tray, then tried to move it to bottom rack with chip tray loader out in hopes to create a draft all to no avail. Am I missing something. First time I used aamzen, it worked perfectly with same bag of pellets, & placed next to chip tray. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    is vent wide open, did you try pulling your chip loader out some,is there a reason you grind your pellets,you might really want to look into a mailbox mod,i have a mes 30 and had some trouble keeping pellets burning for duration,went to mailbox mod now there is no problems,if your cold smoking you can try and crack your door alittle that may help.
  3. Yes, I tried removing the chip loader. Forgot to mention that. I believe you are right about the mailbox mod. Great suggestion. Also thought about putting a small computer cooling fan outside smoker where chip loader goes for some additional draft. Thoughts? Thanks so much for the suggestion & reply. Appreciated.
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    I have a real problem keeping my AMNPS burning in my MES too. I've finally given up and am doing the mailbox mod.

  5. sounds like mailbox mod is what I'll be trying next. Thanks for the reply. Bacon turned out ok but had to keep on relighting amazen 3 row. 
  6. Hey, Gary....think'in about those poor souls north of you...can't imagine what they're goin through  [​IMG]
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  10. I had problems in m SmokinIt#2. I started using dust and it worked much better.

    FWIW- I think these sealed electric boxes trap so much moisture that it becomes nearly impossible to keep pellets lit. I tried a jerky fan on my exhaust hole to pull a draft, drilled extra holes in the bottom, blew the fan below through the extra holes; nadda. Wouldn't work. Dust does fine. Lite both ends for heartier smoke as it does put out quite as much smoke as he pellets.

    One other thought is using the tube. I have the new expandable tube to use in my pellet smoker to enhance the smoke. I have not tried it in the electric but she smokes like a champ in the pellet smoker.
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    I use a AMNTS in my mailbox mod when using the MES40.   Works like a champ.
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    Did  you have water in the smoker ??   Did you have the exhaust wide open ??  What were the temps...   Cold meat inside a smoker will create a cold air dam and stop the air flow....  turn the heater on to get the meat temp above ambient and the smoker temp up there also, then turn the heater off.... 

    The heat inside the smoker will start the air flow through convection.....

    I have had moist cold meat stop air flow...   I have had brined meat start to create steam which stops air flow and chokes out the pellets....

    If the pellets worked the first time, they could have absorbed moisture...   Mine do... I dry them at 275 for 2  hours and then they work perfect....


    See post 36...
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    Yup mailbox mod and a exhaust vent and I can't stop the smoke...

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    glad you got it working, happy smoking

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