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  1. So I have a question for everyone and need all your smart input. :)

    So my last few pork butts and briskets have not come out with a lot of smoke on them.

    I bought the a-maze-n-tube-smoker for the smoke and I generate good smoke with that from the looks of it but still does not seem like it is working well.

    Been getting good bark on it as well so happy there and it looks like there is a smoke ring on it but not the flavor of it, the temp is 220-230 during the.

    So below are my thoughts on how to fix it and I wanted to see if they make sense.

    1. Close my stop vent a little to slow the smoke from leaving.

    2. Keep the meat cool till it goes in so it takes longer for the outside of the meat to get up to temp to except more smoke.

    So yea need help boys :)


    P.S o yes I have been searching the forums for help. ;)
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  2. first mistake you could make is closing that exhaust vent. you want that smoke to exit or else youll get that bitter taste on your food, doubt youd like that. if you want more smoke flavor add more wood, well first, what kinda wood do you use to begin with? the amazn smoker works good to keep a constant smoke in the cook chamber but for me i still use wood chunks on top of that. as for the getting it to accept more smoke, idk what to tell you there. i run smoke the whole time. not once will you ever see NO smoke coming out of my smoker. its all smoke all the time, i hear ppl saying it doesnt take smoke after 4hrs and such...ill let them keep their theories. if im puttin smoke to it for 12 hrs, then believe its takin smoke for all 12 hrs.
  3. you basically just dont want that smoke sitting in the chamber with nowhere to go. you can close it a little bit but i keep mine about 90-95% open. i still get great airflow.
  4. humdinger

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    Hmm. Do you smoke it the whole time the butt is cooking? Conventional wisdom says the meat is done taking on smoke after anywhere from 3-5 hours, but I like to keep a little TBS rolling the whole time. (plus wood chunks last long in my smoker so it's no big loss to me) Just one of the few stubborn ways I do things.Also, are you using fruit woods? Those are milder woods and may be more subtle in flavor. Hickory or Oak might be what you need. If you're really brave go full mesquite.....you'll taste that for sure.I always use a hickory and apple wood blend when doing pork butts. Hillbillyrckstr and I were talking last saturday about how it's such a great combo for pork butt. Let me know if you get it figured out.
  5. keep the top vent open the whole time.....Now what kind of smoker do you have????

    When you get a chance will you update your location on your profile?

    Happy smoken.

  6. Yea I was worried that if shut the vent that might happen so we will cross that off the list.

    I keep smoking going the whole time till about 10 hours or so in then I end it.

    I have tried using Apple Wood and Pitmaster's Choice, maybe on this next smoke in a week or so I will to hickory good call on that.

    Maybe even a blend like you are talking about.

    I just hate taking the time and doing the smoking then don't like eating it because all it is is cooked pork with a hint of smoke.

    I have a GOSM smoker been working with it a bit to get it dialed in.
  7. hickory is a good all around wood..its one of my go to's besides pecan. i usually cut it with apple or cherry and most times with sugar maple.
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    The meat should be kept cold until it goes in the smoker this is from a food safety stand point as well as a smoke ring angle. As for more smoke flavor yes go to hickory if that's still not enough then go stronger yet like maybe mesquite. As was mentioned closing the exhaust can lead to creosote
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    Pineywoods has you covered...

    Have fun and . . .
  10. Pineywoods has you going in the right direction.

  11. Cool thanks guys for the info

    When I say I to warm the meat up I mean to start bringing it up to temp before I throw it on so I am not putting in a ice cold hunk of meat.

    I have a smoking coming up soon I will let you know how it goes!

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