pLeAsE HeLp Me sMoKe My TuRkEy ????? PLEASE !!!

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by kristen stone, Nov 30, 2014.

  1. kristen stone

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    Where can I find an easy temperature / hour cooking (smoking) guide for meats, poultry and fish??  I am trying to successfully smoke a 13lb turkey??  I understand that it needs to reach an internal temperature of  165o but would like to know a few varied temperatures to witch I may cook the bird that might be done at different times but still at it's best.  Thank you So very much, Kristen
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    What gives with the weird way you punctuated the title to the post? Do you really need to do that to get an answer to your post? Most people will not even respond to that kind of nonsense.

    Now to answer your question, you can cook the turkey at temperatures from 200 to 325 and be good. The lower you cook the more rubbery you skin will be. Cook at higher temp and baste your skin and it will be crispier.
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    There are no time temperature guidelines when smoking... When the bird is done.... wrap in foil until supper time...
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    [​IMG]  , sounds like he needs to disassemble the Turkey and cook Breast , legs and Thighs (and whatever other parts he wants ) separately...[​IMG]

    Take each piece to 165*F and check with a calibrated thermometer.
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    Kristen - It might help to tell us what equipment you are using.
  6. troutter

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    I typically smoke my turkeys at about 225 and if I remember correctly (which I may not) they take about 25 minutes a lb.  However, depending on your smoker it could be done quicker or it may take longer.  The best thing is to keep records from past experience to help guide your future endeavors.

    Good Luck,

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    LOL, I thought there was some subliminal message or anagram I was supposed to solve in that title. Some folks, guys that been around a long time, do silly stuff with their posts. Let's not beat up the newbie.

    Kristen, Welcome to the SMF Family. Please stop by Roll Call and introduce yourself.

    Here is a link to our sister site with Jeff's chart.

    You will find that all times listed are VERY general and there can be great variation in cooking times with each piece and type of meat. I have smoked two similar 8lb Butts at the same time. According to the chart at 225°F it should take 1.5hrs/lb or 12 hours. One was done in 11 hours the other took nearly 15 hours to get to an internal temp (IT) of 205°F and tender enough to pull. There are a lot of variables that effect cooking time. Things like the smoker temperature, how steady that temp is maintained, speed of recovery after opening the smoker door, how often you open the door to baste, mop or spritz the meat,  starting temp of the meat, temp and wind speed outside the smoker, type of fuel/smoker you use, using a water pan or dry chamber, smoking whole birds, spatchcock (backbone removed and laid flat) or parts and a few others all effect the time to a specific IT or done time. Since you are a Newbie, you have a lot of reading to do. First off sign up for the free 5 day Ecourse. Next use the Search function to look up each type of meat you plan to cook and see what others have experienced smoking theirs. Lastly, after you have done your homework, ask questions in the appropriate forum for each meat and keep a log with lots of detail, at least include the temps and conditions I have mentioned so far. It won't take long until you are smoking like an Old South Pitmaster...JJ

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