Pellets in New Mexico?

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by mbogo, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. Just moved to Santa Fe, NM, anyone know of a place to buy pellets reasonably priced anywhere around here?  ABQ, etc.??

    I got spoiled living close to Amazen products in MN!!
  2. tjohnson

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    How far from Albuquerque
  3. Hi Todd!  Miss being right next door to ya-  We're about 50 miles north of there, but I'd go wherever I have to to avoid paying the small-bag prices...  The Yoder is thirsty!!
  4. muralboy

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    unless Todd has a reference close by, it looks like CookinPellets has a dealer in Albuquerque.  I'd give them a call or drop them an email to confirm.

    If Todd has a dealer go with them
  5. Thanks! Almost out, and the freezers full 'O pork!
  6. muralboy

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    they also sell on Amazon - $35 per 40$ bag for their perfect mix.

    Check out Menards as well.  The ones around me carry the Pit Boss brand for about $25 per 40#.  Never used them so not sure how good they are but that may tie you over.
  7. CookinPellets website says $22 for a 40# bag of the mixed stuff- can't beat that! I wish there was a Menards down here, The Homo Depot is pathetic!

    Thanks for the info, time to get smokin!!!
  8. muralboy

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    That doesn't include shipping though. Amazon might be your best value because it includes shipping
  9. muralboy

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    Check out Todds site too. They often have some great deals with on bulk buys. And everything I hear is they are A-1 to deal with
  10. gpb11

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    Target has the Pit Boss Competition Blend at $26/40# bag right now with free ship to store.  Take 5% off if you use a Target Redcard.  Pit Boss is a Dansons company, as is Louisiana Grills; I've used both brands Comp Blend and have been pleased.   Link:

    Sears also carries the PB Comp Blend, price is $27.07 right now, also free ship to store.  You can usually find a $5 off $50 purchase coupon online, bringing it to $24.57 per bag.   Link:
  11. Thanks everyone for all the good info!  And yes, Todd @ Amazen products is first-rate. I lived close to his place just recently, and always bought from there. Unfortunately, shipping costs to here would probably be too high. Perhaps a road trip in the spring is in order, and fill the truck!
  12. bigb831

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    I used the cookin pellets. I like the taste I get with them and the fact there is no filler or oil mixed in. I checked their website and it was 22$ for their 40lbs perfect mix bag. But for 2 bags the shipping was 53$ to me here in California for a total price of 97$.in 3-5 days I would get it. Amazon has those same pellets for 32$ a 40lb bag with free 2 day shipping for prime members.
  13. bregent

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    Where in CA are you located? We're getting together a group buy for either Cookin Pellets or Lumberjack in the SF Bay Area.
  14. bigb831

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    Monterey county
  15. gpb11

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    Heads up, Sears has a sale going on.  These pellets are $21.66 per 40lb bag right now, put three in your cart and add coupon code SEARS5OFF50 for $5 off $50 order and the pellets net out to $59.98 for three bags or $20/40lb bag (50 cents / pound).  Free ship to store here.  Add sales tax of course.  

    I've used these pellets a fair bit either as themselves or bagged as Louisiana Grills Competition Blend.  Both LG and PitBoss are Danson's companies.  Maple/Hickory/Cherry blend.  Some bags can be a little dusty, others just fine, seems to be related to handling.  No issues putting them through my GMG Daniel Boone.  
  16. edited post... Just realized you said in the SF area. I need to find some people in So Cal to do a group buy with
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  17. bucsrno1

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    This is the best Pellet deal that I have found.

  18. muralboy

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    You won't be disappointed - they are a good product.  It's my go to pellet.  Depending on your anticipated consumption - if you plan on buying 15 bags or more, contact them directly.  The per bag cost as well as shipping could be a lot cheaper
  19. bucsrno1

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    It`s FREE Shipping on orders over $35.

  20. muralboy

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    That's a good deal no doubt.

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