Pellet Pro hopper first cook. Now questions

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by nitis, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. nitis

    nitis Newbie

    Ok never had or been around a pellet cooker before.

    First off I installed this hopper onto the bottom of my old smoke vault the propane burner has failed several times causing much soot inside and not a clean burn so for the time being until I build something else or find a nice old fridge this will do.

    The hopper seems to perform as advertised gets up to temp quickly and in comparison to the 3 thermometers I installed is accurate.

    I'm still a little confused about the smoke setting but I am going to contact Dennis tomorrow with that question.

    My question here is do some pellets ash more than others? There seems to be ash everywhere and all over everything on the inside. Tonight just to get some more burn time I used it to reheat so leftovers in a pan covered with foil and there was noticeable ash on top.

    So is this from the brand of pellet?

    Or I am wondering if possibly I need a larger exhaust? Another question I will ask Dennis is how much vent I need.
  2. westby

    westby Smoking Fanatic

    Some definitely ash more than others, but you will need to experiment with that to find out which you like best.  Air flow may be your major issue.
  3. nitis

    nitis Newbie

    Well upon my suspicion and recomendation from Dennis I opened up a bigger hole in the top. I still need to come up with a way to close it but it's not going to rain for a while so I got time.

    I burned the rest of the pellets I had today and it held temp fine. Ash was still more than I wanted but I'm trying some different pellets next time I fire it up.

    On another note when I asked about the smoke setting Dennis basically told me don't even use it. So I still don't get how it works.

    But the pid control is as advertised so far. It really holds temp well

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