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Discussion in 'Mini-WSM' started by earthquake5683, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. Hey all,

    I just got stationed in Korea and not knowing if I was going to be living in the dorms or off-base I didn't pack a smoker.  The BX doesn't sell any, so I am going to build a mini.  I can find all the parts online but am having a hard time finding a pot under 50 or 60 bucks.  I read that they run about 20 at wal-mart but can't even buy from them online and get it shipped here.  Does anyone have a site where I can get one at a reasonable price (and preferably the correct size).  My tools are limited here but I figure I can get it to work.


  2. dirtsailor2003

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    Walmart and Target are about the only places to find them online. I know Walmart just had a bunch of the Imusa pots in at their southern stores, it's getting close to Tamale making season.

    Toughest part of building a mini these days is finding a pot. Do searches for Imusa, Vasconia, hoffritz 32qt. All three brands can work.

    Sometimes Amazon has them too.
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  3. bdskelly

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    Will Amazon ship there? They have them. But expect to pay more. b
  4. c farmer

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    I got mine on black Friday cheap from a online source, can't remember where. My pot cost 26 bucks.
  5. dirtsailor, thanks for the 3rd brand of pot.  I didn't know about that one.

    BDSKelly, yes Amazon will ship here but the pots I was finding were double the price everyone else mentions.  I'll keep looking online.  

    I've been gone from the US for just two weeks and already have a craving to smoke something.  Hopefully I will be able to throw one of these together soon.  If not, I might just have to go AWOL for some good Q.
  6. bdskelly

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    Yeah.. I knew Amazon was expensive.  But if push comes to shove at least you can get one there.  I have no idea why they are priced like they are. 

    You might check back. Tamales are very popular during the Christmas Holiday in my part of the world.  The pots just might go on sale for the season!

    Good luck. You're going to love it once it is built!

    Lots of experts here on the subject.  Adam and Case are a great resource. 

  7. dirtsailor2003

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    One more thought for you. If you can find a 10 or 15 gallon steel drum, with a few mods they can work. Usually the diameter is right around 14".
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  8. I have one in my cart at Amazon right now (50 bucks!) but holding off until the Mrs (in the US) can see how much it would cost her to ship me one.  My other option I am looking at is just buying a cheapo ECB or something for my year here.  I just dont want to have to tend to fire every 45 min or so.  I love my UDS and MES.

  9. kbuckeye

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    Academy sports has 36 quart pots that fit the smokey joe. Cost $40 and I'm not sure of shipping restrictions. Outdoor gourmet is the brand. Best of luck.

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  10. bdskelly

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    Genius. This option gets wheels in my head turning Case! 
  11. dirtsailor2003

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    In college during the school year I worked in a warehouse and one of the products that we handled was Justrite Safety products. I had several 10 and 15 gallon drums from them. Not knowing then that I would be into smoking and building smokers I sold them prior to a  move. I keep looking for used ones but they are hard to come by. I keep thinking about biting the bullet and just buying a new one. If only I'd known!
  12. Well the search has come to a stop. I have come up empty handed finding the stuff I need to build a mini WSM.  After back and forth with Weber customer service, I have found a dealer here in Korea that will give me a discount and make the 18.5 WSM within a reasonable price for me to make the plunge.  I'm going from a UDS and MES 40 so I'm looking forward to the new system and turning out some meats.  Stay tuned for some Korean BBQ...well, American BBQ in Korea. Thanks for all the suggestions.

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