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  1. So I have made BB ribs a few times the last couple of weeks using the 2-2-1 method and like them a lot. Since I know that works for fall off the bone I wanted to branch out and see what would give them some bite. My local supermarket has had them on sale for the last couple of weeks at 1.99/lb and 2.50/lb so I stocked up (perfect timing for payday). Anyhow I wanted to see what I could do to get my perfect rib. I tried 2-1-2 at 220* with a little bit of berry juice with lime and they came out good, but not great. Still juicy and flavorful, but not quite right, I think it was a tad too long and got too much of that smokey loving. So today I've done another rack at 235* for a 3-1-1 time and these things are pretty much perfect. The meat doesn't seperate perfectly, but the flavor is spot on and has just a hint of toughness for a really satisfying bite. I used the same berry and lime mix and rubbed them with my own rub concoction. Hopefully my labor can be your reward too! If I left anything out, feel free to ask away!

    Rubbed them the night before and wrapped

    The finished product, after a taste test of course.

    As a bonus, I have a chuck smoking away too. Unfortunately it's at a stall for the last two hours and counting so the Qview won't be ready for a while.
  2. Sorry, THIS is the final product
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    The ribs look good and you are following the right thinking, cutting back the foil/braise time will give the increase bite through texture. You can also play with a higher temp, 250 - 275°F and No Foil. They will be tender but have bite in 3-4 hours...JJ
  4. I appreciate the tip. This was my 10th smoke and am slowly being blown away by all that I still have to learn. Unfoiled ribs sounds intimidating since I have only used the crutch, but I will have to bite the bullet and give 'em a try! Thanks for sharing JJ!
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    I should add, that time frame will vary, +/- 30 to 60 minutes, depending on Baby Backs, St. Louis Cut or Full Rack Spare Ribs. Also depends on how well you maintain temp and which end of the Temp Range you spend the most time at. Regardless of your choice, until you get some practice and find what you like, plan for 4 hours for BB's and 5 hours for SL Cut or Spares and if you get done early and not ready to eat, double wrap in Foil, Towels and hold in a Cooler. Better to be early and hold hot or have to reheat then late and getting the Stink-Eye from hungry people. [​IMG]...JJ
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    I love my Ribs and havethem regulary . My method is 225*F for 4.5 hours and do the bend test. I'lltry to get a Q-view of them ... I'm on my tablet and learning ,

    Hope it came up !

    Have fun and ...
  7. Oh, not intimidating at all!     I did ribs for my second smoke ever, and since I didn't want to juggle too many things at a time, I went with no foil.   And wow, I was right.    Its the simplest thing I have ever smoked and oh my they were good.    I did mine for 7 hours at about 240.    Lovely bark, nice carmalization with putting sauce on for the last hour or so.  And near to effortless.     Even my husband who likes fall off the bone, said these were better.   The meat stayed on the bone all the way to your mouth, then fell off!  [​IMG]  

    Have some beef and pork back ribs in the smoker right now myself.
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    I run my baby backs nekkid at 250-275*. They are usually to the bend stage and pulled back at about 3 hours. Then I sauce or glaze them for about 30 minutes and rest them for around 30 minutes. They have a really good flavor and a slight chew tug. I don't ever wrap ribs. Good luck, Joe.
  9. fishstiq

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    When you guys say you want some "bite" to your ribs....

    I like my ribs to stay on the bone when they are cut apart. I like to have to grab the meat with my teeth and tug a little, and then have it come off, leaving a clean white bone behind. Is this "bite"?
  10. Absolutely! But put that together with the actual texture of the meat. Mushy meat might come off the bone in that way, but I would prefer to have meat I can "bite" into as well. That's how I would define it anyhow. Different people, different mouths though. I hope that helps
  11. fishstiq

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    It does help, thanks! I knew what it was, but didnt know there was a name for it.
  12. Well I did it, I smoked some unfoiled spare ribs and love 'em. I'm gonna gain some pounds now.
  13. mike5051

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    Yep!  I've been going unfoiled the s\last few smokes and love it.

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    I'm right there with you all. First go with baby backs I tried the 3-1-1 method and didn't like the softness of the meat. 2nd time, went un-foiled entire time - awesome. Still tender because of slow cook - about 200 deg. But just the right amount of chew/tug
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    I have been thinking about trying with out the foil also.  Going to try 5 hours @ 225 or so and then do the bend test.
  16. I did mine at 230 for about six hours, with no bastings or sauce. It's really good stuff.
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    As far as the no foil method, i thought i would try that myself so i made ribs last saturday with no foiling. They were spares and i ran my smoker about 255-270 the whole time mostly 260. i spritzed with apple juice and vinegar at 1,2,3 hour marks then at the 3:30 mark i added sauce and took it to 4:15. came out with perfect bite through meat still tender but you can see teeth marks when biting into it. i will say 45 minutes is a bit much for the sauce next time it will be 30 minutes till i remove for sauce because i burned the sauce a little. tasted god but made for bad appearance. it ws my first no foil ribs and it was actually easier than using the foil and doing all that jazz they do on tv in their foil packets, guess what without it these ribs still tasted great!

    Happy Smoking,

    phatbac (Aaron)

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