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Discussion in 'Pork' started by shorts, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. shorts

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    If you are near Elmore OH which is near Toledo just wanted to let you know about a deal I just got. I'm getting ready to cook 200#'s of Boston Butt for Pulled pork at my Local 402 Eagles club in Tiffin OH. I called up Tanks Meats in Elmore to order them and they said they were 2.09 a lb. I asked if there was any discount for the amount I was buying...she asked me if they had to do anything to them for me...I said nope just box em and I'll handle it from there...well she said we can give it to you for 1.45 a LB then!!!![​IMG]

    To make a long story short I ordered 250#'s!!!![​IMG]
  2. Nice score. 250 lbs...Damn!! Make sure you follow up with the Q-view on this one. [​IMG]
  3. werdwolf

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    Wow, great score and lots of meat! Good Luck.
    (see my PM to you)
  4. shorts

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    Thanks Northwet Smoker and Werdwolf...

    Werdwolf got your PM answered you back...It's the Tiffin Heritage Festival...Check it out it's a good time!!

    Anybody in NW Ohio check out Tanks...not sure how much you have to order to get the discount but I know I'm going to check into it for myself!!

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