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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by gadhar98, Oct 31, 2015.

  1. gadhar98

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  2. Josh, I don't know why anybody hasn't  responded to your post, maybe

     the weekend had something to do with it.

    THIS IS STRICKELY MY OPINION and you know what they are worth but you asked. If you have not bought a smoker DON"T buy either one.

    Both are Gen 2 smokers and you don't need there problems.  First decide how much you want to spend and what size you want. If it is under 250.00  Your best choice is a 20070910 ( Amazon have them for the 179.00 price often) If you need a 40" you will spend over 300.00 Dollars and several folks have spoke to this size. The Bear carver has recently has review the newest 40" blue tooth. You should read his post prior to your purchase.  Once again it's only my opinion.  Jted
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  3. bearcarver

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    [​IMG]   Yup---Those are both Gen #2.  I would avoid both of them & go with a Gen #1 or if you can get a good buy, get a Gen # 2.5.

    Here are my findings on the Post "jted" was talking about:

  4. brickguy221

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    Those Smokers are an upgraded version  of a Generation 2.0 made for Lowes without the glass window door. The inside components are the same as the original 2.0 which had a glass window door. However this upgraded version has all parts being replaceable whereas on the the original 2.0, they weren't. The quality of this smoker is supposedly better than the original 2.0.,  so I have been told. 

    For $299 you can get a Generation 1.0 at Academy

    For $329 you can get a 40" Gen 2.5 Bluetooth Smoker with legs at Sams Club. I have had the one from Sams since June of this year.So far, I have had no problems with it and love it. As for temperature, the shelf temperature runs 15* less than the controller says, so if I want a shelf temperature of say 230*, I have to set the controller at 245*.

    My youngest Son whom lives in CA bought the BT Smoker in July and like my Smoker, his Smoker shelf temp runs the same 15* cooler than the controller says.... Ditto for a friend of mine here in OKC, so that must be pretty much the standard with the new BT.

    On a side not here, my old  former Gen 2.0 ran 35* - 40* hotter shelf temp than the controller said. In other words, if the controller said 200*, the shelf temperature would be 235*. Masterbuilt sent me a new controller for it and the results were still the same. 
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  5. daricksta

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    Not sure if you're following still following up on the thread you started but Home Depot sells the better MES models.Generally speaking, I prefer Lowes to Home Depot. Still, look at these. They're MES 30 Gen 1 units:

    This is the best deal of all in MES 30 Gen 2.5 Bluetooth with leg stand included:

    Looks like Home Depot doesn't sell an MES 40. I'd recommend that if you smoke a lot of meats and need the extra room. Otherwise the MES 30 is great for a couple or a small family.
  6. brickguy221

    brickguy221 Smoking Fanatic

    Home Depot doesn't carry the 40" here in OKC either. As for preference of Lowes over Home Depot, around here it depends on the store. We lived in the country north of Edmond for 29+ years before moving to OKC 6+ years ago because of health problems.... The Home Depot Store in Edmond was terrible. Terrible manager and employees, bad attitudes, dirty store and etc..... the Lowes store there was 100% opposite. They had the best Manager and group of employees you could ever want. Great attitudes, going out of their way to help, store was clean and spotless and etc. To sum it up, I loved Lowes and hated Home Depot, so Lowes got all of my business in Edmond.

    Now, where I live in OKC there is a Home Depot 2 1/2 miles (5 minutes) from my house and it is equal to the Lowes in Edmond, so now once again, I like Home Depot. 

    So, what I am saying is it depends on the Store and Employees and Manager as to which store is best. Edmond it was Lowes, here in OKC where I live, it is Home Depot.

    I now apologize for getting off the topic in this forum, but had to comment on Lowes and HomeDepot.
  7. daricksta

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    I prefer the layout and look of Lowes to Home Depot. Lowes is in the town where I live but I have to try some miles to either HD in my area. However, HD is come thru for me a few times with stuff that Lowes hadn't stocked at the time. And Lowes continues to stock only the MES 30 and MES 40 Gen 2 models.

    Going off topic has never bothered me.
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  8. gadhar98

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    Thanks for all the input. I bought the 40" MES since my father in law put it on is Lowes card with the 2 year extended warranty. I hope it works out put if not I didn;t really buy it. If it fails I will let you all know!!!

    Thanks again I'm glad to be part of the great site!!!


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