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  1. Hello All! 

    I live in SE Pennsylvania, but a Pittsburgh area transplant. (Go Pens!) I've had my smoker, CharGriller 5050, since last August. I've registered on this smoking forum because I found it having the largest collection of information/tips/helpful hits. I also wanted to specifically thank Mr Dutch for sharing his Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans. They were very, very good! As you can tell, I am new to BBQ'ing but can't wait to smoke more. I plan to do my first Boston Butt in 2 weeks. The first few rubs I made from scratch for ribs were too salty so one of my top priorities is to scour this site to find a rub that I think would match my wife and I's taste. However, we both prefer our smoked meat with sauce so I don't think the rub will be as important as a sauce recipe. (Is that right, or is the rub still extremely important?) Lastly, I have a very very strong passion for brewing beer!  [​IMG] RDWHAHB! Anyways, back to work.

    Keep the TBS rollin!
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  2. Good evening and welcome to the site, look over the forums and post there are a lot of sauce and rub recipes.

    Gary S

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