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  1. Hello All im Jim from Indiana formerly from Michigan. I have been here for a week or so but forgot to post in the roll call.  Sorry about that but tomorrow is my 40th birthday so i forget sometimes.  [​IMG]    I'm new to smoking and unfortunately I bought an MES Gen 2 30" smoker last Thursday and couldn't get smoke until the temp reading was 260 on the outside.  I know that the temps show are inaccurate but it was nearly 40 degrees off and wouldn't produce any smoke. Thanks to many from this site I returned it and am now in the market for a different smoker. Looking at Smokin It or something like it. Anything $200-$400ish range. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  
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    Welcome Jim!!!

    Like I said, it's not the MES that's a problem----It's the MES Generation #2 that's the problem.

    Here's what you can do with an MES Generation #1:

    Just click on "Bear's Step by Steps".

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    Where abouts in Indiana?   I'm in FW.     Look up Big Poppa drum smoker kit...can't go wrong and the kits 140 bucks. The charcoal basket lowers and raises to smoke and grill.    
  4. Hello Jim, welcome to the forum

    Gary S
  5. Im in Indianapolis. I just bought a Smoken it #1 today along with the Maverick 732 temp probe. Looking forward to seasoning it and getting to smokin meat!!
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