New smoker build ..similar to bandera. Please adise

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by budracer1, Sep 17, 2014.

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    Ok guys so I'm almost ready to take the plunge on building my first smoker. I started a UDS and will complete it soon but I have decided I want a vertical offset smoker. I'm leaning toward a design very similar to the bandera and like the one "peeps" had built. I plan for mine to be a bit smaller. Probably 18x18x 30 tall. I'm thinking that will give me more than enough room as I don't generally cook for a lot of people but still want the capacity to cook for 15 or 20 of the need arises.
    I have looked at several smokers and I had almost settled on the brinkman trail master vertical and then after looking at lone star grillz I decided that I would just build my own.

    I'm looking to build from 3/16 steel and after pricing today it looks like the steel and expanded metal will be just under 250 but that's not counting the legs or any handles or hardware. I still think that I can get it done for less than 500 easily and have a pit that will last forever.

    Any advice or suggestions as I haven't bought anything yet.

    The reason for the the vertical is just because I like the way they look and seem to be more consistent heating in the cooking chamber, however I am a complete rookie so feel free to give me pros and cons.

    Thanks in advance JB
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    Well I don't have any pics yet except the one from a website that I've been drooling over. Here's my inspiration

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