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Discussion in 'Messages for All Guests and Members' started by nwdave, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. nwdave

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    Well, practically not every day but they're forming up.  I wandered over to the "Forums Groups" and noticed that we're getting quite a collection of special interest groups.  I've also noticed that some members, both old heads and newbies are apparently reluctant to jump on the bandwagon and join the groups that reflect their interests, either current or future.  These groups really help serve the members to spread the information.  New members will benefit because they'll see who else may have a similar smoker or interest to theirs and can perhaps answer questions that they may have.

    Groups will help get the word out for some particular technique that someone has spent days working out and is finally ready to share, or perhaps that secret squirrel recipe we're always looking for. 

    There are also regional groups for those who might want to consider a get-to-gether to just put faces to the names and swap lies and recipes, not necessarily in that order.

    The "groups" thing can be a great benefit to one and all, but only if there's active participation.  We all know that Jeff knows all and see's all, but I'll just bet that he might like suggestions made as to the "new group" to be formed. 

    AND, I know there's more than 3 members who use a WSM.  Come on you WSM users.  You're always bragging up how great the WSM is....Let's prove it by having the largest gang.....Uh, I mean Group on this site.  Those guys over in UDS are getting kinda frisky.

  2. chef jimmyj

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    Well Said!...JJ
  3. africanmeat

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  4. venture

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    Mornin, Dave.

    I had a different thought.  We already have forums for most of these things.  I am wondering if this will "dilute" the existing forums?  Then again, I see benefits of honing things down further? Then I know that things get lost either way and we look for them.  Sometimes, even with the search tool, I can't find an older post without a PM to a member I knew to be involved.

    I have joined a couple of the new groups to see how this goes.  I don't know how long this will last, but I think it will sort itself out over time, even through attrition if that is the cause.

    For myself, I check the new postings every day, and that gives me a snapshot of the overall new stuff regardless of the forum it might be posted in.

    I guess we will see?

    Good luck and good smoking.
  5. teeznuts

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    According to this thread there are 6 of us, including myself, who prefer to pull pork with their hands rather than utensils. I think that qualifies us to start a group called "Guys that stick their hands in their Butts" [​IMG][​IMG]

    Who wants to join?
  6. smokinal

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    Good one Teez!
  7. chef jimmyj

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    Teez, Sorry...I can't Join this one...Mom always said, "Pulling your own Pork causes Blindness!"  [​IMG]...JJ
  8. shooterrick

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    I can see both sides to this.  I think from my perspective that if you wish to form a group go ahead.  To put it bluntly if it doesn't provide a service or enhancement to the membership, the market place so to speak, will determine its success or failure.  The (groups) as I see it will work if they present a broader discussion of their area of interest, other than the specific smokes, recipes, and techniques found in the individual topic threads.  Regional groups are a good example, allowing members in certain territories to come together regularly much like mini gatherings to share their regional interests.  Groups similar to one I started, may have  a goal to provide a central point where members can pick the brains of the professionals or expersts so to speak about a variety of concerns. 

    It is a enteresting experiment.  Lets give them a chance and see where it leads us. 

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