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  1. well, done a lot of welding on other peoples smokers, mostly plane janers, but I want to build a 250 gal reverse flow. Where do I start and where do I start planning? I have a complete shop, so tools are not the issue, size of boxes and grates etc are what I need to start planning. any help?
  2. Wow, Glad to have you on board and have you got an education coming.  I haven't figured out how to put my thread in here, not computer savvy enoiugh.  But.....if you type in reverse flow and look at those threads you will find my build and go through it.  There is a ton of ideas.  For calculations look for a remark from Dave Omark.  Under his p;ost he keeps a build calculator.  Click on it and follow prompts for sizes and calculations.

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask and someone wilhelp youl
  3. what is the advantages between a reverse flow smoker and a standard offset?
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    Welcome Chopperchip,

    The main advantage with the reverse flow configuration is much more even heat across the cooking surface from end to end. Standard offsets are very prone to get really hot on the box end so you have to reduce your effective cooking area to keep things cooking evenly. Reverse flow is what you want to do since you have a complete shop setup and it won't be that much extra work or materials. Do you have a roller that can handle 1/4" stock? If so, just play with the diameter that will give you enough height to stack the number of racks you would like to have and you would be limited by the width of your roller. There are lots of designs on here and if you plug your numbers into the calculator, you will end up with something that smokes very well without a lot of effort on your part right out of the box.

    Let us know where you are, there are folks here from all over the country willing to help.

  5. To start planning, plug your numbers into this calculator.
    I would draw everything out and check all the measurements on paper before making any cuts. If you can post your drawing and calculations here someone will check them to make sure you get started on the right foot. Be sure to take lots of pics and share them here along the way.
  6. I'll start posting pics this week. Just moved the tank yesterday. Rained today. I do know one of the things I'm going to do is adapt some of my hotrod technology into as far as looks. I have 2 lathes and a verical mill, and a plasma table. maybe sell these at local flea markets. seen someone not too long ago selling the offset firebox smoker for $3000. Felt I could do better. nothing against him. just seemed like a lot of though was not put into it.
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  8. mr dave, I don't see your post...
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    chopperchip, evening....  I see where you are planning on building and selling smokers...   I can't, in good conscience, provide you with the design information to start up your business.......  Sorry about that....  I respect you for your honesty....   

    I suggest you travel the BBQ circuit and see what is out there..... see what folks want.... look at designs and sizes of smokers...  Check retail outlets to see what is offered and what sells....  Get prices from a steel supplier and check the viability of the venture you are about to undertake....  Good luck in your venture.....

  11. I'm really not trying to start a business, but a lot of people come to me after seeing what i build. I reworked a pontoon boat last year and now my phone blows up. I really want to build me a smoker first. just something that crossed my mind. I stay busy as it is, but with today's falling economy, if someone wanted one, i would build it. Am I gonna stock pile smokers? No. I go to the drag races almost weekly and Bring my mobile welding setup to the big races, so i figured i could drag the smoker with me and hey, ya never know. What I"m looking to build is a consistant, easy heat control system that produces good q. I cook big here, we have a whole family community that lives here and I'm always using 3 different setups for a meal. just something that crossed my mind.I've built cars, drove them to a car show, and left without them. I made some in grown bow hangers and sold one to a friend who has an archery shop, he ended up asking me to build 20 of them and he sells them in his shop. My main concern is building a great looking, and most importantly, great functioning smoker.
  12. I see a lot of setups with the warmer boxes, how hotdo these boxes get? can it be used as a verical smoker also?
  13. Ok, Think I just changed setup. was just going through my scrap metal trailer and found this. 64" long,24" wide,3/8" thick

  14. is there another way to post pics? i normally use photobucket
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    There is an icon on the top bar of the reply box used to insert pictures. Sometimes it takes awhile for your pictures to be posted since you are fairly new, but they will be displayed once the moderators review to make sure your ID isn't a web bot. Just hover your cursor over the icons and one will display "insert image", it's to the right of the movie strip looking icon.

  16. Also, have a narrow axle I'm going to use. 58" inside backing plate to backing plate. It's a 3000lb  axle. I think the axle is going to be underneath and inside the whole system. I'm looking to put a grill on the opposite side.
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    That tank should clean up nicely. Your daddy's girl is ready for you to get started, she looks like quite the little blessing!
  18. so my wife had the great idea for me to get rid of some stuff I already have, so check this idea's a safe almost perfect dimensions

  19. the safe size is 26 tall,24 wide,and 21 deep.

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