Need help with a new smoker, after I return from deployment

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  1. Well I haven't been on here for awhile, because I've been on deployment...anyway, I used to have a Char Griller w/ offset firebox and a BBQ Genie added to it.  I loved that thing and made some amazing food...but I had to get rid of a lot of stuff...and I was ready for a better smoker.

    Here's the issue I'm needed help with.  I want a smoker that I can cook 2 decent sized turkeys in it for thanks giving, and everything else.  The last smoker had such a small drum that I had to by tiny turkeys.  I also want something that will hold heat really well I couldn't get the char griller very hot, even with that BBQ Genie.  This is going in my back yard, because I do not have room for a trailer.  I want something that will last....and I've been tossing around the idea of gas and if there was one that does both that would be amazing.  I tend to use split wood to smoke with, because I like to stoke the fire less.  I would also like a large surface to grill on for those quicker burger/hot dog parties.  The offset firebox worked great for me, but I open to any suggestions.  I just don't know what I should get or where to get it anymore....I've been gone for close to 2 years.

    I miss good food so I'm looking to get this before I come home in June.  I would love to build my own but don't really have the tools to do that :(

    Well thanks for the help.

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    I have a rather inexpensive dual fuel Masterbuilt Pro vertical smoker. Not really for grilling, but with the two doors and using either charcoal or propane, it is a relative forgiving smoker at a decent price. There are mods mentioned all over here, that help with the smoke, but as I said it is a nice smoker and affordable.
  3. Well my deployment got extended so I finally get to come home next week but URGENTLY need a good smoker.  Anyone know where to find a good one in the San Diego area...or online.  I want one that doesn't need a lot of mods hopefully...i'm not outfitted to work on metal yet.  I'm torn between gas/charcoal/and there one that has the option of propane/electric and charcoal?

    Again I need something that is big enough to cook for about 15 people, usually 2 full turkies, or a few rack of ribs, and a brisket are what I primarily need it for,....any suggestions would be GREAT!   I'm dieing for some American meat smoked with a thin blue smoke....that everyone thinks I'm psycho talking about....Middle East for almost 2 years....not fun...I've got about 6 days to figure out a good I can't start until now to look

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