need advice right quick from tue smoke gurus!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by snowfool, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. So I've been smoking a Boston butt for some pulled pork. I ran to the store for some lumber and called the wife. She said all was good and it was at 197. Somehow the smoker got shut off from the remote in the house and i get home and the smoker is now 127 and meat is 187. What would you do? Set the mes to 245 and take it to 205 or not? Thanks for any advice fellow smokers!

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    The meat at 187 isn't terrible, however it would be a little cool for internal temp for a good pulling.  It would still work, just might be a little tougher.  I've read that in the 180's makes for good slicing though!  Might just want to pop it in the oven at 240 to finish the IT temp at 200-205, then wrap in foil and a towel, let it rest in a cooler for awhile.  Should be amazing!
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    I would go ahead and set to 245 and take it to 205..................It would have been safe to eat @ 160-170F  .  . 
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  4. Keep'em coming.! I probably could pull it since it hit 197 but I'm gonna give it some time til company shows up. we're back to 190 but we've been going about 14 hours, foiled since 165. I was gonna add some Apple juice but I didn't want to disturb the little bugger.
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    Go ahead and pull it out and let it rest in a cooler an hour or two. It's done at 197.
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    Just let it go to 205, your fine.
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    X/2.. as far as safety goes yer fine.. Butt for pulling U really ought to go to 205 

    but 197 will work..  Hemi..[​IMG]
  8. 201 and still rolling. Heehoo! all.this waiting just makes the frosty drinks soooo much better.
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    Sounds like it's done, get it wrapped and don't forget the Bear View. [​IMG]
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    Sounds like nothing to worry about. Get the camera ready because you know....[​IMG]
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    How did it turn out?
  12. the sole, lonely pic. but it proves it was a success and that it did happen! pretty much fell apart when the bear claws dug in to pick it out of the foil. good times and thanks for the words of encouragment.

  13. late pic on the way. says i'm new here and is being held for moderation? when am i considered not so new?
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    I believe 30 posts, I think
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