Need a How-to on Making Canadian Bacon

Discussion in 'Curing' started by rabbithutch, Dec 7, 2015.

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    . . . and my SearchFu has left me.

    I was at the market day before yesterday and found nice little center cut pork loin for less than $5. I bought it to try my hand a dry curing then smoking to make Canadian Bacon. I have some Morton's Tender Quick and some pink salt on hand. Do I need anything more for the salting?

    If you would, please, point me to your favorite posts on dry curing and making CB, I'd be much obliged.
  2. rabbithutch

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    Thanks for the link. I started the process tonight.

    Here is some Qview.

    This is the loin I bought. The market label shows 2.43 pounds.

    I weighed it a 2 lbs 5.54 oz. which is about the same.

    I followed Bear's directions and used a half ounce of Morton's Tender Quick per pound.

    Here it is all rubbed down. Noticed that I followed the Bear's directions and folded the top of the bag over to keep the zipper clean.

    And bagged in a ZipLock to go to the fridge. Note that I labeled the date and time so I wouldn't forget.

    I put all the extra Tender Quick and brown sugar in the bag with the loin. I made myself a post it note to remind me to turn it daily. I happened to have a bag of Prague Powder (pink salt) out when I started this. It is in the first pic but I did not use it, only the Tender Quick.

    To calculate the number of days to cure the loin, Bear says to "Figure how many 'half inches' there are . . . " measuring the meat at the thickest spot. The loin measured 8 inches long, 5 inches wide and 2-1/2 inches thick. This is where I got lost.

    Do I have 5 'half inches (2-1/2 divided by 1/2 = 5), or do I use the length or width measurement? If the 2-1/2 is the right measurement then by Bear's directions I need to let the loin cure in the fridge for 5 days plus 2 days or 7 days at a minimum.

    I hope the Bear will see this and give me some help.
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  3. c farmer

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    Use the thickness. The 2 1/2 measurement.

    Gonna turn out great.

    If you want to use the #1, I use Diggingdog cure calculator on here.

    I use both #1 and tq depending on what I am making.
  4. You have 5 half inches.
  5. rabbithutch

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    Thanks, Guys.

    Gonna set the calendar for 10 days and see what I've got.
  6.  If the meat weighs 2.43# and you use 1/2 oz. T.Q. per pound shouldn't you have used more like 1.22 oz. of T.Q. ?

    Homemade Canadian bacon (back bacon) is great stuff.

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    I was just going to ask the same thing...

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