My first bacon

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  1. Rinsed

    Test fry

    Into smoker

    Made my first bacon using Hi Mountain BBB mix. Turned out a little salty for my liking, but still ok. Dry rubbed and into fridge for 10 days. Took it out, test fried and soaked in water for 1.5 hours. Then into smoker for 1 hour at 130 to dry, then 150 and 2 hrs hickory smoke. Smoke off and 160 until 140 IT. Rested if fridge for 48 hrs. Sliced, vacuum sealed and in deep freeze.


    Smoked and sliced
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  2. Get an error trying to look at your pics - why don't you post them right to your thread? I'd like to see some bacon¬† [​IMG]

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