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  1. My first batch was apparently a success. My neighbor is originally from New Orleans and his Grandmother was Creole. He sampled my gumbo made with the first andouille and said it was some of the best ever. I gave him a big link and he made his Grandmother's Jambalaya recipe with it and it was fantastic. The sausage is very spicey but mellows a bit after smoke and a day in the refrigerator.

    Here is another batch I finished smoking today.....Gumbo this weekend.
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    Great looking sausage! Once word gets out you are going to be making huge batches.
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    Nice very nice. I have only made it once and found I have to adjust my recipe. Looking forwrd to another go at it.
  4. WOW. That is some good looking andouille. Nice smoker too. I haven't seen andouille that good looking in years. Most of the store bought ones have large chunks of meat.

    Good job. Nice looking smoker too. Maybe you should package some up and ship it over to Louisiana for a test.
  5. I have taken a couple of recipes and made my own. One of the recipes calls for some of the pork to be hand diced into very small pieces ( I did that to about 1 pound or so out of the 5 I used. Actually I used about 4.5 pounds of pork but it was lean and I threw in some fat I had in the freezer.
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    How about sharing your recipe on the andouille? Can't really find it up here in northern IL, I'm planning on ordering some Boudin, so I can try some.
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    I also am looking for a good aundouille recipe. The ones I have tried haven't worked out worth a damn they just don't have the spice I'm looking for and one had enough onions in it I thought poop an onioin the next morning. Could you help a brother out.
  8. I will post my recipe when I get back to my main computer. I used no onions but a lot of garlic. Ruhlman's recipe calls for onions but I just added extra garlic...
  9. being from Louisiana, I have access to all kinds of andouille and sausage. The best ones are made by the meat markets and not the ones sold in bulk to grocery stores. So, I would stay away from Tony Chachere's or Richards or any of the other mass produced brands. I'm not saying these are not good, it's just the meat market ones are better.

    Click on this link and here are a few meat markets that make fresh boudin, andouille and sausage. The only one I have bought from is Bourgeois Meat Market. They have killer jerky, sausage, boudin and andouille. It's always better if you can make your own. I think my next project will be to learn how to make sausage.
  10. Getting the recipe will be good, how about the plans for that smoke house, that is the size I would like to build!!
  11. I will post info on the smokehouse also. Problem is....It is probably too small but the concept works. I can easily do 5 lbs of sausage, which is all I usually make. Could do 10 lbs if I wanted. Just added a PID controller and this was the first smoke using it. Works great.
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    I made some a couple weeks ago and it came out real good but I have to have onions in the way I do not have any left out of 10 lbs. I have to make some more..
  13. Andouille Sausage Recipe
    5# Pork (I used around 4 lbs the first time and it was very spicy but it mellowed after smoking. This time i used 4.5 lbs of pork plus .5 lb of fat since the pork was fairly lean) I used heaping measures of the following with the 5 lbs of meat.
    2 tsp of Cayenne or to taste
    1 Tbsp Paprika
    1/4+ Cup Chopped Fresh Garlic
    2 Tbsp Fresh Ground Black Pepper
    3 Tbsp Kosher Salt
    1 Tbsp Fresh Thyme leaves, chopped
    1 tsp Crushed Red Pepper
    2 g Mace
    2 g Cloves
    1 g Allspice
    3 g Dry Mustard

    Mix the following in the water and add to meat mixture (I did this after it was ground and was mixing in the mixer)
    1 tsp Pink Salt (Instacure #1)
    1/4 Cup Water and 1/4 Cup of dry red wine

    Add spices and meat (cut in "grindable" chunks)
    Refrigerate for 1-2 days.
    Chop half/third of the meat into 1/4 inch pieces and grind the other half . Mix the two together with the water-wine-pink salt solution.
    Smoke with Pecan and/or Oak (total smoke time was about 5 hours)
    I smoked this at 135º F for 2 hours, then increased the heat to 175 º F until internal temp of sausage is least 150 degrees. Cool in ice bath, then hang until dry for about an hour. Refrigerate overnight then vacpac.
  14. Here are a couple of pics of the smokehouse. The pos Brinkmann is used to generate smoke (thinking of getting a Smoke Daddy or something similar) The electric element is one of the typical replacement elements I got on ebay. (1200w). PID controller is in cabinet below smokehouse. (not shown in these pics)
  15. Thanks for I have to get a sausage maker and try that recipe.
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    Very nice....recipe and smoker ![​IMG][​IMG]
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    Good Lookin sausage there. and thanks for the recipe! The Andouille around here isn't that good. Too commercial in taste.
  18. None of it is good here and we are fairly close to Louisiana. If you find some that is smoked it is expensive.

    They make a "fresh" andouille at one of the fancy stores here but I don't consider it andouille if it is not smoked.

    I even made a batch of Boudin the other day and my neighbor said it was good for a non-cajun.
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    nice looking andouillie, really nice. [​IMG]
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    thanks for sharing, gonna have to try to make some

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