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  1. I'm looking at an MES on local craigs. Seller says it will not power up, hence the low price and as is. The pics leave alot to be questioned. I'm assuming it is gen 1 as there is no front grease tray. Has 4 racks, top vent on right rear and door(w/small window) hinges on right side, light in top left front corner and has a meat probe. Pic does not show grease tray or water pan. Also does not show or mention a remote.

     My question is do all MES Digitals come with remote ?

     I want to know what the answers should be when I start to ask questions. All are bargaining chips on the price. His price is alright but by the time I replace what's missing or broken I could be very close to a new gen 1 w/o window but with warranty.
  2. cmayna

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    Sounds like a Gen 1 alright.   Is it as 30 or 40.  If a 40 and depending on the price and what your plans were/are it might be  a good deal.  I recently got a Gen1 40 with window for free.   I was ready to replace the element if required but it works.  So again, depending on the price and also how handy you are regarding ripping into things to fix.
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    What you describe should have a remote. Get the best price but don't be put off by possible repair cost. Masterbuilt has been known to send N/C repair parts even on smokers years out of warranty, one of mine, and to second owners. Give customer service the serial number and let them help diagnose what the issue is, they are helpful and want their units working...JJ
  4. As JJ said it should have a remote, but the remote is not that big a deal. I haven't used the remote for my mes40 in well over a year.

    Smoke it up
  5. Thanks for the replies. Masterbuilt might not want to send parts if this is a unit they sent a replacement for. Not saying it is, but it's a possibility to be considered.

    Bottom line is all I need/want is the box, racks and element. I can run it on a router control til I can pop for a PID. If I can get it back to original  for little investment, fine.The rest are just bargaining chips. He seems to be an estate buyer and has been advertising it for awhile, might be ready to deal to roll over inventory and get the money flowing. If not, there will be others and spring is coming, there will be sales.
  6. Any good way to tell from just a pic if it is a 30 or 40 ?
  7. cmayna

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    Look at the distance between the control panel and the vent on top.  Much closer on the 30.
  8. That won"t work for me, the pics don't show the top at all. Oh well I'll just have to go with what I know. I can measure it later or ask masterbuilt (if seller ever gets back in touch with model number) Waiting game now.
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    ah i never use myremote, set and forget it.
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    How do you know where the vent is, if you haven't seen a pic of the top?   If the description was provided by the seller, I'd ask for a pic of the top.   If the element is not working, I sure hope the asking price is almost zero.
  11. Interior pic shows the vent, light housing, meat probe, chip loader port ect.

     He states it will not power up. I take that to mean the controller isn't coming on, which pretty much makes it dead in the water. I can think of a few ways around that, including but not limited to a new controller.
  12. Update. Never heard back from seller. Texted again and that night ad was taken down. Oh well, there will be others.

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