Maverick et732 - to silicone or not?

Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by smokingjoejoe, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. smokingjoejoe

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    I've read a lot on the forums about the probes on the maverick et732 getting warn out or damaged by water or carelessness. Being a bull in a china shop (wife's words not mine) I'm wondering if people silicone their probes right away, or if they wait til after the warranty expires?

    Would doing the permatex seal void the warranty?
  2. forluvofsmoke

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    IDK, but I always use heavy duty foil on my leads. Start at the probe and work your way towards the plug, but I overlap the top of the probe...adds stiffness to the cable for better protection against damage from pinching or bending, as well as keeping it clean and offering better protection from heat. When the first wrap gets dirty, just add more, until it gets so stiff it's difficult to manage, then peel it off and start over...usually about 3 wraps with 4" width is the limit, but takes several months to get that far.

    I destroy more heads than probes, by far...if only I could figure out what to do to keep from killing my heads....

  3. I just foil the part of the cable that's in the pit.  Not a good photo but you get the idea:

  4. smokingjoejoe

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    Thanks. After reading up some more, I think I can skip the permatex part and just use some heat shrink tubing to cover where the wires meet the probes. Just to be safe.
  5. dr k

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    Either way anything is better than nothing.  I read about the best shrink tubing getting sticky.  I was going to do that but I wanted to seal my Kamado Kooker bottom vent to make an air tight seal so I needed silicone.  Permatex Ultra Copper RTV Silicone 700* was real cheap online so I went that route and did my vent and all probe cable connections.  The good thing about silicone is that you can press it into the cable braiding.  I did that several inches down the cable as well.  I did the sealing right after it passed the boiling 212* test on all probes (didn't wait till after warranty.)  I don't use a therm when grilling only smoking/BBQing.  Other than ruining a probe from water at the probe cable connection I have found people are second most dissatisfied with a therm (on reviews online) because they are unaware they are roasting the cable over 600*+ coals as the cable stretches over them to the indirect heat area.

  6. smokingjoejoe

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    Thanks for the reply Kurt. I may grab some silicone when I'm at the hardware store if it's cheap. I'll have to be extra careful and make sure that I don't get them wet or over 600°.

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