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  1. smokie bill

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    I am looking at two models of Masterbuilt propane smokers:  20051311 & 20050412.  Both are the two-door models.  The 1311 model is $189 @ Amazon.  The 0412 model is $179 @ Home Depot.  Except for a few subtle differences, I cannot see any major differences between them.  I think they both have insulated doors & the vent systems are the same. 

        Can anyone who has seen or used either of these models please inform me of anything that I may be missing? 
  2. Here are the manuals for both.



    Same cooking area and BTU as far as I can tell. My guess is the Home depot one is specific to their store. No one else sells it. Looks like it has wheels too, that would be nice. I have to carry mine around. I would go with Home Depot and stay local. And then you get to touch and feel it before you buy. 
  3. ribsrule

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    Hey guys...wandered into my local Sears store about two weeks ago and stumbled on a 30" Masterbuilt single door propane smoker. Looked pretty substantial and since my 8 year old smoker that I got from Lowes was in a serious state of rust, I pulled the trigger. Best part was it was marked down to $97 bucks! Seems like Sears put all their smokers on clearance before the new spring stock comes in. Regular price was almost $200.
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  4. That's fantastic. I'll have to look around at my local Sears
  5. coopster2

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    Hey, have two of these. 1 was $88 half off at Depot clearance sale, number 2 half of half $44 dollars look close and ask . Dual fuel, use propane to start charcoal and keep temp for long smokes. Love Em! 
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  6. no peek n

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    I was shopping around to for a MB smoker also

    , I was just going through too much charcol and trying to regulate the temp was APINA, but didn't want to worry about cutting ribs or Briskets in half to just fit inside, So think about that, If it is a big deal, I got the MB 40 XL, and it is SWEET, got it from Bass Pro, when they had a $30 off and free shipping, I think it was $179 OTD..
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  7. I love the convenience of an electric smoker.  I have a MES 30" model and it is great except that it is too small to smoke a whole brisket or a whole slab of spare ribs without cutting them in two.  Does Masterbuilt make a 40" electric model?  Or, do some of you guys have other suggestions for me?


  8. jwhoward1973

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    I just recently bought my first smoker, a Masterbuilt Pro dual fuel propane smoker from Home Depot and love it. I have only done chicken wings, a whole chicken and some venison loins so far but they were all delicious. I still have allot to learn but this smoker really made things pretty easy so far.

    Jason in Hampstead, MD

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  9. Love my MB propane/charcoal.  I've searched this forum for mods and made some improvements.  Currently I am using the stock chip pan with lump charcoal and I hammered down the vents to stop flare ups, additionally I lined the water pan with foil and added some playground sand and foil on top with a smoker chip pan for flavored chips in the middle.  I added a disposable roasting pan for water but I sacrifice a shelf.  I've had fun smoking ribs, brisket, salmon and pork butt.  You definitely save on fuel because once the pan gets hot enough and the lump charcoal starts to burn hot and you can use them for heat and smoke,just add more from time to time. One last thing I should mention, when I need the smoker to get hotter with the propane running I found that lifting up the pan and putting one foot on the protruding bolts on the bottom allows more flame and the temp rises fast.
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  10. pastorgadget

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    I have the Masterbuilt Dual fuel, Dual Door smoker. I really enjoy it. I have smoked smoke brisket, boston butt's and lots of ribs and chicken.  I have posted about it in reviews and in forums.  What i said then has hold up, good quality, good construction.  It does well, fare ups happen but not a biggie for me.  

    The origitnal post mentioned a insulated door. Mine has a interior sheet of thin steel on the door but that is the extent of insullation, i think.

    Good smoker. 
  11. franklin3

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    Thats a steal.  I have been using mine from sears for a few years now and i love it.  Sometimes wish it was bigger but i would feel that way with any model.
  12. franklin3

    franklin3 Fire Starter

    Thats a beauty
  13. I know it's a duel fuel smoker,..has anyone used it with charcoal?
  14. I was curious about that too.

    I just got mine (haven't even seasoned it yet) and I was planning to use propane for it (I have two full bottles) but I do have some good chunk charcoal I need to use up too.
  15. Well, by all means let me know how it goes with charcoal, I would think you wouldn't have to mod the fire pan using charcoal, since most of the flare-up issues seem to have been with wood chips..just fill the pane & use the burner to get your coals going..
  16. Hi there,

    I'm looking at this smoker at Home Depot as well, but can't seem to confirm if it will cold smoke. Prefer my salmon that way and was hoping for some applewood smoked aged cheddar and gouda. Anyone know if this one will smoke at about 100 degrees, too?

  17. smokie bill

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    I have the Masterbuilt Pro smoker & like it very much so far.  First of all, let me say that I don't think you'll ever get the smoker down around 100 deg.  I love smoked cheese & do not use any heat to speak of, especially the propane burner or charcoal, when doing this.  Cheese needs to be below 90 deg or less.  I use a Smoke Daddy generator attached to the smoker & that's all.  Of course it produces a little heat but not enough to melt the cheese.

       As for the salmon, I smoke salmon quite a bit using the propane burner for heat & the Smoke Daddy for the smoke.  I have the burner down as low as it will go & the vents open all the way & I can barely hold it around 200 deg.  Sometimes, if the temp starts to rise, I'll also crack open the bottom door a bit & this helps keep the temp down.  A couple of weeks ago, I smoked two slabs of salmon for 3 hours with a temp fluctuation between 185 & 210.  It worked out fine & the salmon was delish.  Sometimes I will throw the fish in the smoker & smoke it for about two hours like I do the cheese, then transfer it to the propane grill to cook it.  

       If using the propane burner, I don't know how one would get the temp down to say, 150 or so.  I don't want to use charcoal in this smoker if I don't have to.  For me it's just too time consuming to control the heat.  That's the reason I went with a gas smoker.  After all, the propane, electric or gas are used to supply heat.  The flavor comes from the smoke, however you elect to get it in there.  Besides the Smoke Daddy(, another smoke producer you might want to look at is the Amazing Smoker(  Check them out.  Hope this helps.

  18. aland

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    geeynot- I have a similar smoker, a #8 SH 44" dual burner vert and as far as low heat, you should be able to lite on HI  then turn back towards OFF to get a pilot light flame. On LOW I couldn't get low enough and that's what SH(OLP) told me to try it and it works. To cold smoke cheese, smokie  bill is right about the temp. My first batch kinda  melted and sagged thru the grates and was a boogar  to get out, though tasted great. I wanted a Smoke Daddy  but it was a little pricey so I got a Smoke Pistol kit and it worked fine the 1st time but not again. Customer service tried to make  it my fault so I went for Todd Johnsons' AMAZNPS(which burns pellets and dust) and that worked better. Then I seen the AMAZN tube smoker, tried it and it is awesome! Many members have it and are very pleased. Still might try the Smoke Daddy Big Kahuna(?). I got the 18" tube smoker for longer smokes if needed which Todd says it will give you 5-6hrs of smoke and I think it works better than the pellet trays. I picked up an idea from Rob at about cold smoking my meat(as Smokie

    bill mentioned) about 1-2hrs then put heat to it and I think that improves the smoke flavor big time. In fact, I started doing that every time I'm going to cook. I read  on that cold meat takes on smoke more than just  smoking from the start like we normally do. When I cold smoke cheese I'll do it on my Broilmate gasser and put in a 5# chub of bologna and a can of Spam! I score the bolonga  like a ham, then cut it in 1/4's for more smoke coverage, add whatever seasonings I want. When the cheese is done I'll remove it and turn on the heat so it runs between 150-200* for an hour or 2 for the meat and maybe even re-load the tube smoker for a bit. MMMMM Good! I've often thought about trying to use charcoal in my big 44" just to see how it works. Well, didn't mean to write a book but some great ideas and mods can be found here at SMF from fellow members and are well worth trying cos it's experience talking and all are glad to help. Good luck and let us know how it goes. Aland
  19. I have the same one just bought it at home depot
  20. Thanks for the info. I am about to buy the MasterBuilt Dual Fuel smoker at my local Home Depot. Wish they had it on clearance like others have gotten theirs. Last year I bought one of those really cheap portable vertical smokers that can break down into a duffle bag. Bad idea. Very flimsy product but seemed to keep the heat just fine. Only used twice and already need to move up to the better model. Wish I had looked into this forum before my first purchase. I concur about going with Home Depot over the Amazon model so you can see it in person. The insulated door is what sold me. Hope to get some good mileage out it once I get it and the weather breaks. It will accompany me on many camping trips but should be simple to take in the back of my truck when pulling the trailer house. I use to make fun of people who loaded up there big home BBQ grill to take with them camping. Oh how the tables turn.

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