Masterbuilt 40 vs Smokin Tex 1400

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    Tired of maintaining the charcoal in my Weber, I bought a masterbuilt smoker with the glass door. Broke on me first time. Power kept shutting off. Had to watch it for the entire 6 hr smoke. They sent me a new control panel and that one was even worse. Had to unplug smoker and reset it, meat probe and remote never worked. What a piece of crap. Screws didnt fit and was dented upon arrival. Table accessory didnt have wheels either, which stunk because at least the smoker had wheels but now i had to remove them to put it on the stand. Supposedly the owner of the company made a "Deal" with the Big Man Upstairs. If he named his company after God....he would have a successful business. More like a deal with the other guy....anyway....

    Researched more and returned it to home depot. My new Smokin Tex 1400 is on the way. I know they are all made in China but i'm hopong for better quality.

    Any suggestions on smoking with it and breaking it in? I was suprised that it does not come with a water pan.
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    Oh yeah, i also ordered the new Igrill 2 bluetooth meat thermometer. Should i run the cables through the top or the door?
  3. The smoking-tex will be a wonderful smoker.  I have the Smokin-It #2 which looks almost identical.   Mine too didn't come with a water pan.....cause you don't need it.  These units are VERY tight and well built.  I put my meat in and set the temp then watch for my Internal Temp to reach desired then pull it out.  Easy peasy.   

    You made a great will LOVE the new smoker. 

    Here's mine.....with the stand

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    Awesome, can' t wait and big family party in 2 weeks. No need to soak wood either?

    Your smoker has better casters from what i saw but very comparable to the tex.

    Saw a great smoked bean recipe from fishinchick on this site too.

    Getting a nice cigar tomorrow to tide me over till it comes. Enjoying San Diego weather this weekend on long island ny. Sunny and 75!!
  5. No need to soak wood.  Use chunks not chips as well.  Be careful not to use too much wood.  I seriously use less than 2oz per smoke.  

    I run my cable through the hole on top of my smoker.  I don't want to damage my door seal with the wire. 

    I just smoked a Cuban El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme from 2002...mmmmmm mmmmmmm good [​IMG]

    Was sunny and 79F here in my little town today.  Used the pool....smoked some nuts.....drank some Margaritas. Life is good!

    Oh and welcome to the forum!!!


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