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  1. I know this topic may start a debate but I wanted to hear some reasoning to both sides. Is it worth it to make your own rub? You gotta figure that the stuff you can buy from reputable dealers has been tried and tested or else they wouldn't sell it. So, I am sure many of you make your own and have perfected it to your liking and that's great because you can make it easily and always have it on hand. So anybody care to tell me why they do or do not make their own rub?
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    You gotta figure that the stuff you can buy from reputable dealers has been tried and tested or else they wouldn't sell it. Convenience people being lazy for the most part, not having the time, and they do not want to keep all the spices.

    I like making my own I also have Jeff's recipes. I just like the freshness of mine, I make enough to use for a BBQ and sometimes even a little extra.
  3. daveomak

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    Most commercial rubs are salt + spices etc...

    Home made, don't add salt... add it separately to flavor your stuff....
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    I have not found one rub I like as much as Jeff's rub. It is way way cheaper to make your own and fresher and just better tasting. No fillers, no preservatives and who knows how long that stuff sat in some warehouse or shipping container. Steak seasoning on the other hand I like to buy premade if I can find good Chicago steak seasoning. I know it's crazy but I am in love with Weber Chicago steak seasoning for steak and burgers. It is killer. I lucked out about a year ago and found big containers of it at the Dollar store. I bought every last one. Dang if I'm not out now and I have not seen it on sale like that since. I recommend you give Jeff's a try. Or at least read the reviews on it.
  5. I like telling my dinner guests whether its the wife and kids or friends and family that I made everything on the table from the entre right down to the sauce and rub, I have only made one rub for smoking so far and it was great but I will be experimenting each time I make a new one.
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    How long can you store a home made rub? I made a rub with brown sugar, salt, cayenne, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder and thyme and have a bit left over.
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    I'm with Dave.  Most store bought rubs have way too much salt for me. 

     It's way cheaper to make your your own if  you use it on a regular basis.
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    I make my own rubs, but I have also used any number of commercial mixtures as well.  If you are buying from a reputable source, the commercial rubs have been developed for years prior to hitting the markets, either through competition, catering or restaurants.  That being said, it's always fun to experiment in the kitchen with different combos and types of meat.  

    I vac seal all of my left over rub for use later, keeps it fresh and ready to go for the next cook.     
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    I have used my share of rubs, to me they are like clothes, today's fad mostly. Oh I have had some that really turned my head at the time but after a bit they usually all get filed away in a large packing container in the garage. You know you'll like 'em all again if and when ya get around to it. Then the new fade hits and its good so the cycle repeats itself.

    After so many times, I find that simple is good, it accents the meat, and that walk to the packing container in the garage, seems too far usually late night when I think about rubbing something down. You'd be amazed at what a simple salt and pepper will do for meats.

    It may just be an age thing but, seems with most I know as you age the simple things done well seem to be much better than the new fad items.

    I seem to lean these days to a minimalistic approach. I mean I am sure that coffee wood would make a great smoke, but I know I like pecan. If I spice up a rub its garlic or onion or chili's, or currently I do like some Tontaka Dust on my steaks! But its a seasoning salt, not really a rub IMHO.
  10. talan64

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    My #1 reason for making my own rub has always been salt.  I haven't even tried the pre-made rubs, because they are mostly salt.  No need for that much salt! 

    I started making my own, and have found a few I really like.  I use both of Jeff's rubs, as well as a KC BBQ rub I found online, and tweaked the salt amount. 

    It's just too easy to make my own.
  11. susieqz

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    i gotta agree. most rubs are really just flavored salt. since i often brine i can't use those at all.
    mine are very simple because the spice i like most is smoke.

    anyway, the stuff i need to make a rub is always in my pantry.
  12. grillmonkey

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    I must be getting old, because it is slowly dawning on me that just plain old salt and pepper with a good smoking wood is really about all that I need.
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  13. Like everyone else said, store bought rubs have too much salt.
    Ive always found it more rewarding to make my own rubs and sauces from scratch with whatever i decide to throw together, something you can call your own. Even if you use someone elses recipe its still rewarding to make it yourself, and typically more delicious than store bought rubs.
  14. sota d

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    I make Jeffs rub and use it on everything. It's fresh and doesn't use much salt, but you can tweak it to your personal taste if you want to. I make a double batch, put it in a sealed container in the freezer and it keeps fine. A double batch is enough for 3 or 4 of my smokes.
  15. foamheart

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    Not old, just better seasoned. It allows much less stress in your life.
  16. q3131a

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    No anti caking agents, no msg, less salt, and less expensive. Why would anyone not make their own rubs?
  17. joe black

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    I have used a few bought rubs. There are some out there from reputable folks that are interesting to try. I enjoy making my own with less salt and more sweet. I also don't like very much heat. I have shared recipes with friends and then tweaked them a little. When I make a rub, if I can't eat a tsp of straight rub, I will keep working. On the other hand, since I've been on this site, I have used Jeff's rub and sauce several times and found them to be quite good. Experimenting is fun.
  18. foamheart

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    So what is the anti-caking agent. There is a lot of spices I would still have if I knew. Granules of Lea & Perins, honey, charcoal all come to mind immediately.
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  19. I'm with you Foamheart...

    The older I get the more I like to keep things simple. I used to thrive on Montreal Steak seasoning but rarely use it anymore. Still keep some around because I like it on eggs but don't use it on a steak anymore. For me, there's nothing better than a dash of sea salt on each side followed by a generous few cranks of fresh cracked black pepper from a mill and just prior to covering and resting the steak I like to brush on some melted butter.

    That said, I like Jeff's rub, although I will say I adjust certain ingredients to my preference when I make it. I've tried some commercial rubs as many of you have, but the real satisfaction comes when you take that first bite and the concoction of ingredients you pulled off the top of your head tells you you've nailed it!

    I've even used things that aren't marketed as rubs with good results. The McCormick's brand marinade mixes are a good example. Some of them make a darn good rub right out of the package. For all who read this and I'm sure it's been said a zillion times, don't be afraid to experiment because that's what it's all about, creating tasty entrees with a personal flair!!

  20. susieqz

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    you know, i'm tired of msg getting a bad rap. i add it to my rubs.

    there were some bad studies many years ago that claimed it was bad, even tho you get it in veggies, but those studies have been over turned. try to find any good science that says it's worse than salt.

    i have looked. there isn't any.

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