making a R.f. smoker out of 240 gal oil tank

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  1. Have been trying to build a reverse flow smoker out of a 240 gal oil tank and use an old wood stove for my firebox. Its been slow progress since I don't have a garage to work out of and there has been a bit of rain here. I got a ECB given to me from a guy of CL and thought it would make a great warming box. Got the door cut and the hinges welded on. In the picture it shows a 3in. smoke stack, I recently changed it to a 5 in. stack. Thanks for looking!!!

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    Man that is one monster smoker! Can't wait to see it finished (I bet you can't either!). Great job....keep us up on th progress.

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    It looks real good so far and like they say all good things come to those who take their time and do it right the first time. Now you will get there in good time so keep on welding and grinding too.[​IMG]
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    Wow, that's going to be huge! I can't wait to see some more progress pictures.
  5. [​IMG][​IMG]Finally finished my smoker. Doing a 14 lb brisket and a 8 lb bone-in-pork shoulder to break it in. I already did the burn out yesterday and seasoned it.

    I put a welding blanket 1/2 way around it and put sheet metal on top of it to help hold the heat in it since my tank is only 1/8" thick.

    I also added 2 1/4" plates on the out side of the firebox and insulated it with rockwool. I plan on Adding a triple sink and plan to add a wood storage bin also. Thanks for looking.
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