Looking into Kamado style cooker to make pizza for Father's day and need help

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  1. We are looking at getting my father-in-law a kamado style cooker for Father's day.  I have looked at the BGE, Char-Griller Akorn Kamado Kooker (Lowes), and the Vision Grills Kamado Pro Ceramic Charcoal Grill (Home Depot).  I have looked at The Naked Whiz trying to figure it too.  They all seem to have rave reviews about them but I can't seem to find comparisons or hard hitting critiques. 

    I should mention that my father-in-law LOVES pizza.  He would eat it every meal.  Can a standard pizza stone fit inside any kamado style cooker or is the BGE stone and the BGE the way to go for a pizza connoisseur? I know he will make things other than pizza but I want the best kamado cooker for pizza primarily.


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