Little upset...didnt know what i was burning most of the winter

Discussion in 'Woods for Smoking' started by hdsmoke, Mar 17, 2010.

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    So, i burn wood for heat. I cut up this tree a couple years ago over the winter. No didnt know what i was cutting. I just got done burning the end of it, and over the winter i loved how this stuff burnt and left a nice bed of coals. When i finally started thinking about it and actually looked at the was Bitternut Hickory! It hit me right after i threw in the last piece and thought about the wonderful smell it put out. I didnt save ANY of it for smoking. All burnt in the woodstove. Now, it served its purpose well, but just a couple of my big splits for heat would have went a LONG way as chunks in the chargriller! NO!!!!! I cant believe i never thought about it.
  2. treegje

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    that's a regrettable, I feel with you
  3. blackperl

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    I m new to this game does any one know a good wood to use smoking deer.
  4. Pecan is tough to beat for smoking venison with any of the white oaks, particularly post oak, being a close 2nd. If those are available to you that is what I would use.

    I burned hickory in my fireplace all winter. It burns good and hot and lays a fantastic bed of coals. Don't feel bad for using, at least you didn't give it away or something.
  5. i feel for ya.. try to find another tree for next time.
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    On the plus side you probably had a hankering to fire up the smoker a lot since you had to smell that hickory all winter long.[​IMG]

    It never fails you realize stuff like that right at the very end. I feel for ya.

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