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  1. So I am new here, already been to roll call! I have a question about smoking breakfast sausage on a little chief. I realize it doesn't get hot enough to probably do a fatty but could you safely smoke patties or thin layer of bulk breakfast sausage? Would you have to probably still fry it? I have gone through culinary school and spent a whole term learning about all the ways food can kill you or at least make you wish you were dead. I don't want to do anything stupid but it seems like it could be possible to at least get some smoke flavor on it.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    You can easily use you LC.  Put a half pan of chips in it and get the smoke rolling.  Drop your sausage in the thick smoke for approx fifteen minutes to get a layer of smoke on it, remove, fry and enjoy.

  3. Awesome!!! Thank you!!! I was looking at the sausage gravy recipe (from dutch? I think?) And we are big fans of gravy! Never thought to smoke the sausage so I am excited to try it!

    Also, thank you for the welcome!!!
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    Sometime you might consider swapping out the stock heating element with a higher rated adjustable one.  Such as from a Proctor Silex Fifth burner.    Did this to both of my Big Chief's.   Works wonderful.
  5. So like a hot plate?? That would be a great idea. My hubby is gonna rig up a thermometer for me. Also he is making a sleeve for me to insulate it a little better.
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    Yep exactly! Once your original burner gives up, or even before get a hot plate. You will still be able to do lower temp smokes like the chief does, but you will also be able to up the temp and do smokes like the fatty you mention, chicken, pork loin, Tri tip, oh my!
  7. I am gonna do that. I just saw one at goodwill, I knew I should've grabbed it. If you turn up the heat do you need to use chunks as opposed to the sawdust stuff? Or a combination?
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    You will be able to use different cuts of wood.  After you make your modification,  take notes and take the time and learn the burning time, color and the density of the smoke of each cut by weight along with the temperature.

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    Yes for higher temps use larger chunks, 2"-3". You can find bags at Home Depot, Lowes, Ace, True Value, and there is a good online store called fruitwoods.
  10. You guys!!!! Thank you so much for all of your insight, I really appreciate it!
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  13. Super cool!!! I am gonna check out your mods right now, my husband iis very handy!
  14. Well both mods are for sure awesome, hubby is a HVAC service tech with an electricians license. I personally am scared to death of electricity lol. He took some measurements to make an upper "cabinet" out of sheet metal in order to make more of a cold smoker for cheese and such. He has a press brake and a shear and all that metal stuff at the shop. If he ever actually gets around to it, it should be pretty awesome.

    At the risk of hijacking my own thread, I would like to say thank you to all for being so kind to me. There is unfortunately a lot of sexist thinking alive and well when it comes to any outdoor cooking of any kind. I have eaten so much crappy BBQ/grilled stuff, knowing I could make it so much better but we all know it's "men's work" to be at the grill........ Fortunately my sweet husband doesn't take to this school of thought and happily "sous chefs" for me. All this to say I am so glad to be here where the spirit of teaching is so alive and well! I will probably ask a lot of dumb questions, thank you in advance for your patience :)

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