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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by smoke signals, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. Hey guys just started to smoke a few months ago. All I can say is that I love it. I have made some great accidental meats [​IMG] and some real "something the dog wouldn't eat". [​IMG] Butttt.... I have learned alot. I have a Great Outdoors Smokey Mountain Smoker and a Cookshack electric. Still learning amounts of heat, wood, and timing but gradually getting there. Looks like this site is going to be all the information I will ever need. I have been looking through the site for over 6 hours and decided I just need to join. Looking forward to the journey. Any thoughts on the electric smoker? Not used it much.
  2. welcome to SMF...I too.. just joined last week...and have learned ALOT so far...very helpful guys/and gals on here..if you can't find a answer on here...then its a problem that has never came up before![​IMG]
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    Welcome to the SMF!! Check out the 5 day ecourse!! Its full of good info and its free!! You'll find lots of friendly folks here that will help ya and share experiences with ya!! Welcome!
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    Welcome to SMF! Yeah, we have all ruined food before, but it's a learning process. That's where our conglomorate 13.7 million pounds of lousy food comes in. SOMEONE here has made the mistake you are about to, so just ask...:{)

    Not real familiar with electrics... I am a flame type guy.
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    Welcome to the forum! There's lots of information here so ask away [​IMG] .
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    welcome youll love it here Just finished the 5 day course lots of helpful info
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    Welcome to the site. Glad you found us.
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome to the forum Smoke Signals![​IMG]
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    Welcome Smoke Signals...I too have the same units. Haven't got my Cookshack yet.....still waitin. I don't know what is worse waiting for the baby to be born or checking UPS to see where that new unit is in transit LOL ! Lots of great people here...have fun.
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    Lower end electrics can be a bit tough to control heat on, they are pretty much factory set and that is what you have to live with, not to say some pretty darn good vittles don't come out of them! As you go up in price, you get more control over the temps, thus more control over your food. The units with an adjustable thermostat are good. Electrics are some of the easiest smokers due to the fact you don't have to refuel them. I am currently building a new electric unit myself. Good luck and don't worry about mistakes, everyone makes them! Just keep yourself a good notebook of what works and what dosent.

    Welcome aboard!

    Let me add an edit here, the cookshack from what I've seen is not a low end electric smoker, I was trying to give the broad range of smokers from lets say the little chiefs (hey I had two and loved em!) on up the scale to the top end units. Low end is less control over the cooking environment and you move up the scale to those with multiple temp controls, smoke control, and even steam cooking. Sorry if there was any confusion.
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    Smoke Signals
    Welcome to SMF !!!
    I don't have any personal experience with the Cookshack but have heard nothing but good about them. Having looked at their products I surely would not call them low end smokers, they appear to be a good quality smoker. You and badss will have to tell us your thoughts on the product.
  13. Yeah, the electric smoker was inherited from my uncle, it was almost brand new. Trying it out today with some pork ribs, so I will let you know how they turn out.

    Thanks for all the replies, really makes you feel like your already part of the gang. I am ready for some long weekend smokes to compare the wood burner versus the electric. I will keep you posted.

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    Welcome to the site.........Glad to have you here.........
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    Welcome SS. You ruined food, that makes me sad, very sad.

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