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  1. Okay, here is the situation.  I have an event planned for Friday, but it looks like there is a 40% chance of storms.  Not just rain, but good, old fashioned, Florida thunderstorms.  I haven't bought the meat or other food items yet, so right now the only loss is the entry fee which I paid for the entire year.  As I see it, I have two options.  Either make the food and pray it doesn't rain, or just make sauce and jar it up.  If I make the sauce, I can save it for another day.  If I make the meat, beans, and slaw, I could freeze the meat and use it later, but the beans and slaw will be a loss.  Considering that I am making enough for about 100 people, throwing away any of it will be a considerable loss.  On the other hand, if it doesn't rain, I don't want to disappoint any of people that said they were going to show up just for us.  What is the best option?  All opinions are welcome, just keep them constructive!!
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     You say an entry fee was paid and an event you have planned. I am confused! 

  3. Mike, the event is a festival held the first Friday of every month.  It is held by the city improvement board and they charge the vendors a set up fee.  I have prepaid the fee for the entire year.  What I meant was that I had planned to attend and my menu is already planned out.  Sorry if I didn't make that clear.  
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    I say go for it... see how you survive in the rain. If all hell breaks loose then just be as prepared as you can. If everything falls thru then do a little cheap advertising to your followers (facebook, twitter, whatever social media you are on) and offer them meal packages... you may not sell out of everything but at least some of your beans and slaw won't go to waste and like you said, you can always use the sauce and meat for later. In fact... start giving your followers a heads up, saying if storms a coming then discount meal packages will be available. If I was planning on going to this event and looking forward to some smoked deliciousness, then a little rain wouldn't stop me...

    It may be a loss in profit but you'll get good experience and may be possible to break even with the right planning... and don't underestimate the love people have for good smoked meat...

    just my opinion tho... but I'm no pro.
  5. I say continue on as planned. The thunderstorms may come, but they don't usually last too long and the sun will come out. Part of the day might be bad, but I don't think it will be a total loss.

    Just a thought, but you might be able to locate some sort of soup kitchen or shelter in your area that would be happy to take any food that will be wasted otherwise. Not really putting money in your pocket, but useful and might even be tax deductible.
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      Ahhh that's better. Some good advice from above. I would maybe cut back on the amount of food planned by 1/4 to 1/3 , but go ahead with the event.

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    If you are that worried about it get a pop up canopy or a tarp???? I say go for it....

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    I say this 

    ....and this  
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    Actually... the 10x20 ez-up would be better... and if you do use an ez-up.... "BE SURE" to tie it down as soon as you set it up... once things get going and storms move in... you'll forget that you didn't tie it down and before you know it, it's rolling down the street ... possibly causing injury... I have so many bent up frames from not getting tied down and wind ruining them... I agree with others.. GO FOR IT
  11. For crying out loud go cook some food and make someone happy. 
  12. So, what I am getting from you all is that I should go ahead with the event.  I have to say I am surprised.  I thought I would get at least one person saying to hold off.  I do have an easy up tent and that really isn't my concern.  My concern is that it will rain and people will not show up.  This is an event that happens every month so it is mostly the same people.  I have noticed that when the weather is cold or wet the attendance drops way down.  I usually spend about $300 preparing for this event and right now we can't afford to lose that much.  That is my only real fear.  $300 plus the set up fee and my license comes to a total of over $500.  I don't usually make a lot off of this event.  I use it mostly to get our name out there.  It has worked quite well so far as we are getting more and more requests for us to show up at other events and for private parties.  You guys have made some really good points, but do these facts change anyone's opinion?  I must make a decision today!
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    If ya back off because the weather isnt perfect in the forecast...what if its nice and the potential customers wonder where the heck you are???

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  15. JABBO!!!!!!!!!!!

    You got to show up!!!!!   Whats wrong with you man?   Just dont cook as much , ,  But people need to see you there everytime!  Take something that cooks fast, just in case the weather turns good and more peple show up.   Italian sasuage smoked does not take long to cook and people gobble it up. Just serve it on a hot dog bun. You can freeze both items that night if they dont sell.  You can do hot and mild. and some spicy onions to go with it.           You just have to be there, thats all!
  16. And make friends with some Bar owners, ..you know, the side of the road Biker bars..... you going to need a place you can get rid of excess product with out total lost.

    Believe it or not, I started doing that and it ended up being the employees of the bar that bought it. Also places like discount auto, that are open in the evening, they will buy it up as well.
  17. I hear you guys.  I really don't want to disappoint my small following either.  I was thinking right along with you RIbwizzard.  I was thinking of maybe some bbq chicken.  It is cheap, cooks fast, and is really good.  I may go that route.  I was also thinking of jarring up some of my sauce and taking it.  People are constantly asking for it.  Maybe I can salvage something out of this!  
  18. Now you are thinking and doing something.  Chicken.....mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!  Fast, tastes great and the smell of the smoker, not to mention people seeing the smoke, IS going to draw a crowd....maybe not a huge one but hey, chicken cooks relatively fast comoared to other meats as we all know.  Go cook your heart out and "make someone happy".
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    I traveled the bike and country western circuits around the country for several years and the one universal truth, no matter where I was, was don't pay attention to the weather until 48 hours before the event. IMHO make your sauce and do food for 50 or so in advance along with the chicken on the event day. And don't sweat it....... enjoy. You'll be great.
  20. Thanks for the support guys.  I really appreciate it.  I was thinking around 50 or so and some jars of sauce.  I can sale the sauce throughout the month at various places like my wife's office and a few local stores where I know the owners well.  We were actually going to do that anyway, but it will help offset some of the losses from this event.  I was planning on cooking ribs this month and some folks were looking forward to them, but I think they will understand given the circumstances.  I guess I just had a little bit of a panic attack when I saw the weather forecasts and forgot how to think for a while.  Thanks for helping me get it back together guys.  I'm still getting the hang of this whole thing.  The food is obviously good considering the small following I have after only a couple months, but my nerves are still a little raw with the business side of it.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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