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  1. After trying to make summer sausage, snack sticks, breakfast sausage all of which had the fat melt out, i need help bad. How do i get to a safe IT, with out melting the fat out?

    I am using a Master built smoker with wood chips.
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    Hi callmaker60...

    I'm not into sausage making myself, so I'm no help to you...I don't know if it'll help, but you might try posting your question over in the sausage sub-forum:  


    The regular sausage makers probably frequent that forum more, and you might get better response to your question.

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    Would be helpful to know what internal temps and ambient temps you are using as well as what thermometers (have they been calibrated)?
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    Pretty simple really. You need an accurate therm for both smoker and meat. You mix the sausage very well until emulsified (Very Sticky). You NEVER let the smoker go above 170°F. If the sausage you are making can't be speeded up and finished in a 165°F Water Bath, you need Patience! That's it...JJ
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    What Masterbuilt smoker are you using.....     lower the temperature in the smoker = no fat out....
  6. I am using a master built elite, I have a probe type gauge i put into the meat as it smokes, I just can't understand how you can get an IT of 156, by running the smoker lower than that.
  7. You actually need to start your smoker between 110 and 120 and gradually get the temperature up...it takes several hours. If you start too hot... 160 or higher the fat will melt away and you will be left with a shriveled up wrinkled mess. I would suggest checking out the sausage forum here or get a book on how to
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  8. Thanks UB bbq, i'll follow your help next time, and see how it goes.
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    My last batch of SS took 13 hrs. Started at 120* for two hrs, no smoke. then bumped temps 15* every hr with smoke until my pit temp hit 175*.
    Pulled them at 155* IT. When your cooking only 20* hotter than the IT your looking to take the SS to, it takes a long time.

    Also, have you tested your pit temp with a different thermometer? The stock door therms are notorious for being inaccurate.
    It very well could be your pit temp is much higher than you think.
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  10. [​IMG]   This method works. the difference for me is i start at 120* for 2 hours (No Smoke) then bump 10* and start the smoke and then bump the temp 10* every hour until i hit 170* and then pull the product at 152* - 155* "IT". i then rinse and set into cool bath as needed,

    Keep On Smokin,

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    Opps.. I forgot the no smoke part. All fixed. Thumbs Up

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