I have a new toy. How do I use an offset vertical smoker

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by rob sicc, Jul 21, 2014.

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    Can someone please recommend the top 3 best book out there that will help a novice (with a brain) learn to use a vertical offset smoker.

    All help is great appreciated.  I am always willing to buy a cookbook to add to my reading list but this time I really want to get smoking as soon as I can so I am reaching out to the true professionals.  The weekend smokers that do it for family and friends and not just to make money.

    Please let me knowif what books I should pick up.

  2. I've perused a lot of them and frankly, the best resource out there is right here in the forum. Seriously.
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    Thanks for the reply.  I truly believe you are right.  I hope I get some advise on using it.  I know I will need to make some adjustments based on the reviews of my smoker.  I just have to jump in start smoking something.so I have more specific questions.
  4. Rob, I have the TMLE (horizontal), so there are quite a few corellaries between the two. Most of the focus is on chamber sealing (for air control), damper/deflector use (radiant/reflective heat management), and firebox adjustments (for fuel control). I have posted quite a few pics of the mods I have made. Others have as well. The Brinkmann vertical doesn't seem to be covered as extensively, but there are folks on here who have done the work.

    It's best to just jump in and fire it up. Practice by running it empty and just focus on fuel/temperature management. Get to know your thermometers and how they reflect changing chamber temperatures. Then, when you get a good feel for the fuel (charcoal, wood chunks/small splits) and can hold a specific temp for an hour or two, try a run with an inexpensive cut of protein (pork butt, loin, etc... save the briskets for a little later on!!). The worst that can happen is that you eat some almost perfect BBQ!
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    Awesome advice Remmy.  Thanks.  You make a lot of sense.  all I need now is a supply house for some good wood chunks.  i think I see another thread being created.  Thanks again for the great advice.

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