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    Hello, newbie here from Alabama. I've been smoking for about a year in a CharGriller with a side box, using Apple, and Hickory. So far I've just pretty much been winging it depending on time, and the look of the meat only checking the temp towards the end to verify it is done. Trying to refine my techniques, and learn more.
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    Welcome to the board! Yes there's much to learn around here. Just be warned, people will tease you if you describe your smoking but don't include "q-view" pictures ...
  3. Hi all new to smoking here other than a couple of experiments on my BBQ so I've got lots to learn. Just got a 30"Masterbuilt electric smoker as a gift. As a mater of fact just took it out of the box yesterday. I live in southern Ontario Canada and I'm 61 yrs old
  4. I have a question to start. Can anyone explain cold smoking. I've heard of it but have no idea what it is?
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    Cold smoking is basically using smoke with little or no additional heat. Cheese, bacon, etc. are candidates for cold smoking. Sometimes cold smoking is the beginning of a smoke process where the heat gets
    boosted in increments to get to a finished product.
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    BTW.... Welcome to the forum. Lots of good folks and info here. Use the search function or just ask when you have a question. And best of luck with the new smoker.
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  7. Glad you joined. The use of a temp probe is great to help in not over doing it. Plus there are different things you can add or do at different temps for flavor and tenderness. Sounds like things have worked so far. Good luck and you can find all kinds of helpful people and ideas here. Keep smoking LOW AND SLOW.
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    Welcome, glad ya joined us !
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  10. Hello and welcome to the forum. Great place to learn and share

    Gary S
  11. Another question. On my BBQ I used 1/2wet 1/2 dry woodchips. Is this something I should do on my electric smoker. I'm thinking no. Just dry. Just want to be sure.

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