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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by gearman, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. gearman

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    Hello folks,

    I've really enjoyed the eating side of smoked meat for many years and now, thanks to the purchase of a large towable smoker by our Cub Scout Pack I'm getting into the cooking side in a big way. As the Assistant Cubmaster I'm going to be one of the guys in charge of turning our our virginal, brand spanking new smoker into a smoky barbeque machine. We plan on using our smoker to feed a bunch of hungry kids at scout events as well as using it during events at our sponsoring organization. I've got a lot to learn and I'm sure I'll be reading through many of the threads on this forum for good ideas. There is a long tradition of smoked meat in this neck of the woods so I'm really happy there's a place like this to go for help.

    I'll put up a picture or two of our smoker later this weekend, we just got it and still have to season the monster.
  2. pineywoods

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    Welcome to the forum Tim. You'll find lots of good info here and people willing and able to answer questions. Looking forward to some pics of that monster. Good luck and good smoking
  3. desertlites

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    welcome to SMF Tim, ya theres alot of help in here and more to read-we'll have you smoking up some good grub for them cubs.5 day e-course is informative and free-on the left of page alot of tips on diff meats etc.And with good teaching thers no reason those kids can't become a part of the fun-and you be bringing up a next generation of smokers. Glad to have you and the rest aboard.
  4. gobbledot

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    Welcome to SMF Tim.. Sounds like you have a good project, if ya have any questions there is someone more than willing to help. These are a great bunch of people full of knowledge.. Again welcome..
  5. kookie

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    Welcome aboard and glad to have you here and your scouts..............
  6. sumosmoke

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    Welcome to the SMF, Tim. With all the stuff available on the site, it won't be long before your smokes are THE attraction at the cub scout functions!

    Bob brings up a great point about involving the scouts in the process. It's definitely fun and easy enough for them to contribute to.

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