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  1. ​I have been checking out this forum for awhile and decided to sign in.

    I am building a commercial size smoker from an old double door SS freezer and will need lots of advice.

    I have cooked for years on a Texas style pit smoker I built years ago after seeing the Lyfe Tyme smokers at the Mn state fair.It has served me well and I won a couple trophy's with it and have cooked literally a ton of ribs,fish and geese. 

    ​I want to broaden out to do sausage etc therefore I need to  control heat better than I can in the pit. Another major reason is I want more room!! My plan is to go electric and have been checking out options for elements. From what I have been reading it's going to take at least 6000 watts of 220 to do the trick and even then I'm not sure what the top temp will be.I am using mineral (rock) wool insulation and am able to put 3 inches in the back and top a little less in the doors and walls. It will be stationary in my garage using an existing chimney for the exhaust. I'm working on getting a SS liner for the inside as the original was galvanized and pretty much shot.Iv'e got a good start but the devil and the $$$ will be in the details. 

    I look forward to hearing from you and hearing your suggestions.
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    Clayt if you ever want to do a Qview on ducks and geese? I would like to check it out.I have never done ducks or geese but is on my todo list down the road.Thanks


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