Happy Smoker and new SMF member from Longmont Colorado

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by timothybbq, May 11, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm happy to be here.  I joined this forum because I am always looking for new ideas and different types of foods to smoke.

    I have been smoking on a Treager for 4 years now with great success.  I recently built a cold smoke box to attach to my Traeger for smoking cheese, salmon, almonds and possibly other foods.  I've found that even on warm sunny days the smoke temperature does not exceed 90 degrees F.

    Unfortunately, in Colorado there are not very many local BBQ competitions but Fortunately, I have coworker/friends that are chefs at a major university in Boulder CO including one friend that is a certified BBQ Judge with the Kansas City Barbeque Society.  My friends have been motivating and they are always willing to give me cooking, smoking and BBQing tips.

    I also have several coworkers that are willing to sample my recipes including my new found passion for cold smoking cheese.

    My adult children and even my pork free ex-wife/new girlfriend really enjoy the pulled pork and accompanying sauces that I have prepared.

    My hope is that some day Northern Colorado will have more BBQ competitions and more restaurants that are dedicated to the fine art of smoking quality foods.


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