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Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by kswaterfowler, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. kswaterfowler

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    After my Traeger fire I bought a GMG Daniel Boone. I hate this thing. First off the Traeger cooked food more evenly. From poppers to chicken the Traeger is superior. Now I have only owned the GMG a couple months but it seems to randomly trip of my outdoor outlets. You can move to another and it still won't turn on. Let it set for a bit and magically it works again. Frustrated beyond belief
  2. mowin

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    It might not be the grill. There could be something wrong with your wiring. I do know if you use a lead cord, it needs to be as short as possible and at least 14 gage. I use a 10' 12 g lead i made. Haven't had the issue your describing.
    But, I'd definitely call customer service. GMG has a stellar CS reputation.
  3. goldmine1965

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    I agree with Mowin. It might be the wiring. I just bought the Daniel Boone myself. I use a 10 foot 12 gauge extension cord and have not had any tripping of the outlets. One of the reasons I bought the GMG was the reputation of customer service. I sent them a email about using extension cords and they replied back within a hour. Give them a call and see what they have to say.
  4. kswaterfowler

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    Just called the place I bought it from. They are going to do some checking. After further investigation it's not the wiring (I kind of suspected that since the house is almost brand new and I pretty much held the electricians hand). When it goes off you can unplug it and plug in something else and it works. I also tried different outlets. They think possibly a bad board.
  5. goldmine1965

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    Glad you are getting some where. Not sure how many of us own the Daniel Boone, so let us know what the outcome is.
  6. don-bbq

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    how did the traegar start fire?

    im looking to buy a traegar i hear the costco units are different than the ones sold at homehardware?
  7. scottma

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    I don't have a GMG but another pellet grill and it worked fine then all of a sudden it started to trip my outdoor outlet.  Called Rec Tec and they said its 99% a bad ignitor...I replaced it and its worked fine.  Perhaps thats your issue?
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