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Discussion in 'Pork' started by jp61, May 21, 2014.

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    I have a case of frozen Butts that I was originally going to use to make fresh and smoked sausage from but, it never happened. The USDA recommends 4-12 months storage time. I'm assuming they all have the same date on them of "best if used or frozen by 3-30-13" as the one I just looked at. I realize this is a quality concern and not one of safety. Those of you with experience in this regard.... is there a noticeable difference in quality of the meat within this time frame I'm dealing with? I'm off this week from work and just yesterday plugged in my garage fridge to thaw out these butts for PP. But, if the quality isn't going to be there after they're smoked, I'd rather just go by some fresh meat than waste time. What do you think? 
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    Depends on how it was packaged,are there ice crystals forming inside? Are there an air gaps?

    If its freezerburnt or dried out looking it is not worth saving. You can tell if its freezerburnt by appearance and smell.

    I have kept butts over a year and turkey up to two years with no ill effect.
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    I'll get back to you guys in a bit. Gonna go check the garage-fridge temp and take the butts out of the freezer to have a better look at them. btw.... these Butts were purchased from Sam's.
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    Well, they're in the fridge for now. They're cryovac packed and looked pretty normal to my eyes but, there are some minor ice crystal formations. Didn't see any freezer burn areas. Guess I'll have to wait until they're thawed out and out of the plastic to make a better and final judgement. Either way I'm smoking some Butt this week! [​IMG]
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    I'd say if they are in the original factory shrink they will be fine. If, for some reason, one looks 'off' might be a good time to try out that butt brine you always considered using.....Willie
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    Thanks guys!  [​IMG]  

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