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    Good day all my name is Alex live up in Washington and i am originally from Romania. Back home we smoke just about anything that has meat on it and also every kind of cheese you can think of.

    This is a thread dedicated to my first smokehouse build and to perhaps share some of the ideas i went through building it.

    I started lurking the forums here and gathering ideas from everyone's builds, i would thank you all but there are too many posts to mention. If you had photos and specifics in it then i saw it and learned from it. however i would like to mention some nice fellas that helped me out on late night in the chat room while i was settling my ideas: thailandphil, bmudd14474, desertlites. Thank you!

    I will mention the specifics first then throw in the pictures in a second post so bear with me.

    3 foot wide 3 foot deep 6 foot tall outside dimensions
    33"x33"x70" inside dimensions
    Used 2x4 for the outer frame and 5/16 for the side panels. 1/2" cheapo plywood for ceiling and floor. 1/2" durock sheet all around the inside including floor and ceiling. Angle brackets 1/2"x1/2" for shelves support. 1/4" #9 expanded steel for the shelves. I used the round rods that go in a closet made from oak as well as oak rods for the hanging of sausage and things of that nature. Used non galvanized screws for everything and tried to limit metals inside the firebox.

    I had some leftover asphalt shingles that i put on the roof with a slant of 1" over 3feet. I placed tar paper underneath and used roofing nails to put it in place. I placed some roof flashing around the edges and bent some in place to make a gutter like fixture for the front. All of these were things i had around the garage so i figured i might as well use it.

    I bought 3" non marking wheels from a big box orange store and used fixed wheels for the back and turning wheels with brakes for the front. I must mention i tried 2 inch rubber wheels before but this thing was way to heavy to be supported by them so they broke i got mad drank some romanian moonshine and got over it.

    I placed two shelves inside and two rods to hand stuff up. Used a simple slide bolt to lock the door and custom cut my own little handle in the door. There are no vents in it because well i didnt need any because the thing is not exactly sealed.

    I am using red oak leftovers to heat up the smoker and an amazn tray for smoke with cherry or applewood as needed.

    [I will fill in this part as i remember things about the build, in the meantime go ahead and gaze away at the pictures in the post below]
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    Looks like it will work very well.... Thumbs Up

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