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  1. So the meat was hanging off the top grate on some scuewers . The meat that over lapped was not cooked . the smoke was over powering . i marinade one batch in teriyake and pineapple and another batch in hot chili sauce . i started with 120f for 1 1/2hrs . then started smoking for 4hrs @ 140f . for the last 2 1/2
    hrs i let the heat build up to 160f . i just felt like a complete failure . i hope you guys can help me with this problem .
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    Phil, evening....   So the only problem was too much smoke flavor ???   Was the meat done OK....   Do you have calibrated thermometers in the smoker so you know what the real temp was in the smoker....   

    1... don't use so much wood  and don't add smoke for so long... use a milder flavored wood like apple or alder.......

    2... don't overlap the meat so it will cook evenly and get a uniform smoke on each piece...... 

    3...  Try smoking meats with salt, pepper, onion and garlic to get a baseline on your preferences for smoke, doneness etc.  before you start adding brines, marinades etc.....   At least you will have a good baseline to judge your new additions....    

  3. Sorry to hear it didn't work out so well for you. Don't know what kind of smoker you are using, but DaveO is right when he says you need to know what the actual temp is in the chamber. 

    Here's a few links to jerky I have made. I use skewers in an MES and hang them from S hooks on the racks. 

    It usually takes 7-8 hours for the jerky to dry. I start very low and increase the temp nearly hourly but only by 10° at a time. I usually smoke red meat with a 75% cherry (or other fruit wood) and 25% hickory, mesquite or oak. I have no smoke during the first 1 1/2 hours and usually the last hour or two. 

    There's a couple pics of the meat on the skewers and you have to make sure the strips are not touching one another.

    Hope the links help and it does sound like you might have some tasty recipes. 
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     all good advice above. Also, depending on the thickness of the cut, it may have been on too long. You only want a lite smoke flavor with most coming from the marinade. Check the texture every half hour after the first 3 hours. Don't give up! Try, try again! You will figure it out.

  5. I have an offset char§broil smoker/grill . what cut do you guys recommend ? i used part rib meat . And how can i calibrate my temp. gauge ? the meat didnt dry out completely the middle part was still soft and i was using pistachio wood .
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  6. SMOKER PHILL    I have made gobbs of jerky on charbroil offsets i found that eye of round or bottom round works best first i put meat in freezer for about 1hr. to firm up the meat it makes the meat ezer to slice i slice it about 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick lay it out flat on a cookie sheet and put whatever spices you wish to use put in large baggie set in frig. overnight an smoke the next day at 225 to 250 it usually takes about 3.5 to 4 hr i lay the meat out on jerky trays or you can spread it out on grates you halve to babysit the meat and move it around   in June i picked up a LANG 60 [after wearing out 6 chargriller offset's] the first thing i cooked on it was jerky trying to figgerout the temp zones i got a little sloppy with spice dist. [to much jalapeno ] my sister in law grabbed a piece after i took it off the grill [i wish i had pics.] she sucked down 2 bottles of water before i told her milk would cool down her mouth  my brothers in law and i relay liked it [we named it hurry up ice cream][​IMG]
  7. Thanks alot everybody for the advice . i will try it again and i will post the results .

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