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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by smokeydrewsky, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. So, I finally got around to smoking my first spatchcocked chicken. I've been meaning to for some time now, and since the weather was so nice last weekend, I decided I had to do it. Here are a couple pics from my venture. Any comments or advice would be gladly accepted.

    First off, I made the "20/20 Charcoal Basket" from the tutorial I saw at It literally took 20 minutes, just like he claims in the thread, AND it fits perfectly in the SFB of my CharGriller Smokin' Pro! I recommend trying this if you have a spare $20.

    I marinated the chicken in an herb rub that I threw together and a honey-lemon-olive oil mix for a few hours. Ready for the grill!

    After a garlic butter glaze, and about 3 1/2 to 4 hours at 250, she was just about finished. I used pecan chunks, and the bird turned out juicy and buttery. Delicious! I also threw a pork loin in the mix to get more out of the somke.

    I'm looking forward to leftovers this week.
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  2. jaso

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    looks great! ! !
  3. timtimmay

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    Chicken looks great, good job!

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