First smoked summer sausage

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  1. Well its time, I just started smoking my first summer sausage on a cold Michigan morning. I'm using hickory wood on a charcoal smoker. What temp should I maintain and how long? QVIEW to follow....
  2. Depends on what size it is.


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  3. it also depends on if it has been cured.

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  4. Its been cured overnight and about 3 lbs 20 inches long and 2.5 inches dia. This is my first so did not want to do a lot if it does not come out good.

  5. Been on about an hour
  6. I would start at 110° the after an hour bump to 120° and then 2 hours later bump to 130°. 2  hours later bump to 150° 1 hour later bump to 180°. Remove from smoker at 150° The carry over heat should finish to 153° - 154°

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  7. Nothing wrong with Mule's technique. 

    I do it slightly different.  I'd place in a 120-130*F smoker and smoke for 3 to 4 hrs then raise the temp to 160*F. Once the internal temp of 152*F is reached shower the sausage with cold water until an internal temp of 120*F is reached then let hang dry for a couple hours at room temp to bloom.  Refrigerate 24 hrs slice and enjoy!  Just the way I was taught I guess.
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    I haven't done sausage in a charcoal smoker so I dont know how easy it is to regulate the temp  as described above [ Those methods i do agree with and are a great outline though].  Dont see a thermometer of any kind in that stick to keep track of the internal temp.  If you can keep the temp under 200 [ I have done summer at 225 in the oven from start to finish with no problem [see my bacon summer thread], it should be ok also.  Just pull the stick at the internal the guy's above suggested and give that stick a cold water bath also and you should be fine.  Let us know how it worked out. I know it's tempting but dont slice into it until it's been resting in the frige overnight.  Reinhard
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