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Discussion in 'Pork' started by nittanyfans, May 1, 2016.

  1. nittanyfans

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    I have been smoking St. Louis ribs today. This is my first ever attempt at smoking anything

    I have a MES 30.

    After the 3 hours I pulled the ribs and they looked great. I wrapped them in foil and added a foil sauce. After an hour and a half I took them out of the smoker. Painted them with BBQ sauce and placed them back in the smoker. The temp after the foil was 203 and fell to 175 over the next 15 min.

    They have been at 175 for the last 10 min.

    Should I leave them in till they hit 190 or pull them and re foil?


  2. jp61

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    I would just let them cook/smoke until they're done to your liking. 

    You can use this effort as a reference for your next ribs smoke, eventually you'll develop your own technique.

    It's hard to mess up ribs and with time and experience you'll also learn to relax and enjoy.

  3. smokinal

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    The ribs were done at 203.

    No need to bring them back up to that temp.

    When they have the color you want take them off.

  4. chef jimmyj

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    Guys smoke Ribs to between 195 and 205 depending on how tender they want them. This is a Guideline that you have reached a desired temp for doneness...BUT...If you don't take them out and eat them and you make any changes, take out of Foil, Spritz/Baste, add BBQ Sauce, whatever, the IT is going to Drop. This is OK as they are still Done and there is no need to get back to or maintain that 195-205°F IT further...JJ 

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