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  1. Looking for tips and/or recipes as I embark on smoking my first pork butt.

    We are hosting Father's Day this year and I plan to smoke on Saturday so I can stuff myself senseless on Sunday.

    Any and all help is appreciated...especially when it comes to keep the meat fresh since it will be almost 24 hours between the time I finish cooking and dinner.
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    Glad to hear that you're trying a butt--its my all time favorite meat to smoke.  I usually cook mine at 240--250 degrees until the stall hits.  Then I foil with some apple juice and continue cooking (in the smoker or in the oven) until the IT hits 205*.  Then a short rest and the meat will pull beautifully.  I haven't tried it yet but tropics brined one of his overnight and said it was THE way to go.

    If you decide to foil, you'll lose some texture in the bark, but the butt will finish quicker.  If you just leave the butt to cook through the stall, you'll bet more bark, but it will take more time.  Just personal choice.

    I like hickory for wood, but Miss Linda prefers the milder pecan.

    If you decide to try a finishing sauce, I would suggest SoFlaQuer's.  You'll find it in the pork sticky.  Its a vinegar based sauce and I just add it at the table--some people like it, some don't.

    The main thing to remember---Pork Butt is very forgiving, so just sit back and enjoy the smoke.

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    For your first butt, and since it's Father's Day, I would suggest the night before, rub the butt with cheap plain yellow mustard and apply your choice of rub. Wrap it and put it in the refrig. Next day, take butt out of fridge, uncover it and let it sit out to get close to room temp. Once smoker is ready ( I like a mix of Hickory and Cherry wood) put butt in to smoke till internal temp hits about 190. Then take it off, place it in heavy duty foil, add some apple juice and wrap it good. Place it inside a pan in the oven at 250. Check it every hour or so.....just grab the bone, if it is loose and pulls out easy, she's done. Let set for about an hour and then pull it apart. You can add some finishing sauce and a little bbq sauce if you like. Serve it on a nice potato roll, add some homemade slaw, beans and a few cold beers!!! Life is good!!!
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    As far as your time is concerned, I doubt if it will hold 24 hours. After you pull the butt, put it in the fridge. Then, about 1 to 2 hours before you want to serve it, put it in a foil pan with some juices and some finishing sauce. Put this in a 250* oven and heat to a good serving temp, stirring occasionally.

    Good luck with it and enjoy, Joe
  5. Don't pull it, put it in the fridge and then before serving reheat the entire butt in an oven or whatever and then pull. Much better results that way.
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    I always smoke, pull, and vacpack the day (or a couple days depending on schedule) before then reheat in hot water inside the bags. You won't lose any flavor and the texture will still be great that way.

    Remove from the bags, toss with a little finishing sauce, and you're good to go.
  7. Yes. If you have a vacpacker, this is probably the best suggestion.
  8. Thanks for the input guys...I appreciate it. Does pork butt cook at a 1:1 ratio (hours:pounds)...give or take?
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    Cook a butt by IT. It's not done til it's done. This is usually about 195-205*. It will probably take about 1-1/2 hours per pound. The time depends on ambient temp, cooking temp, wind, how many times you peek, etc. You will experience a stall around 150-160*. At the stall, wrap the butt in foil and add1/2 cup of apple juice. Return the wrapped butt to the heat and take it to your final IT. Check the bone to see that it's free. If it is, the butt is done. Take it out, wrap in towels and put it in a cooler for an hour. After the rest, pull the meat and serve.

    The foil wrap at the stall helps to push the temp through the ststall. The apple juice will help to add flavor and moisture and the acidity will help with tenderness.

    Good luck, Joe
  10. What's everyone's opinion on cooking temps. Usually I cook at 225 until stall then raise temp. I was thinking about cooking next butt at 205 for as long as it takes
  11. smokesontuesday

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    I cooked at 225 for a long time until I let a cook get away and cooked one at 275. I cook them all at 275 now. There's no difference at all in the end product and it shaves quite a bit of time off the cook.
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  13. Butts are tucked in for a good night's sleep before the fun really begins.
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  15. Take this for what it is worth as I am a newbie, but I did one a while ago.  While it did not quite turn out as good as I hoped, it was not bad.  The thing I learned was to give yourself plenty of time.  It will be done when it is done.  I think I figured about an hour and a half per pound and it ended up taking longer.  I finished in the oven, but had I had more time, I think it would have done better.  So, make sure you give yourself plenty of time, and have enough of whatever beverage you enjoy to sit, relax and enjoy the show.  
  16. It's go time. 12 lbs of pork and homemade Chipotle Guinness BBQ sauce.

  17. 4.5 hours in. Both approaching 130.

  18. murdermode

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    Awesome. I love me a nice butt!
  19. 165...time to wrap and back to the heat.
  20. murdermode

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    I never wrap mine. I feel like it's useless. But that's just my $.02

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