First pork butt Saturday

Discussion in 'Pork' started by jmillz, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. Getting ready to try a pork butt this weekend, is it okay to rub it now and let it sit in the fridge until Saturday morning?
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    Yes, absolutely.....and apply more rub probably the morning of the cook. I, personally, just use a rub on top of a light film of olive oil on the opposed to a mustard base or mayo etc. as you may have seen done elsewhere. Many do and many don't.....HTH, Willie
  3. Thanks, I was actually planning to use olive oil! Any advice on wrapping the butt in foil part way through the smoke?
  4. Some foil and some don't. I used to be in the latter camp but am now firmly a foiler, considering Heavy Duty Foil to be part of my smoking "kit." At the very least, it reduces cook times (for me) to the 9-10 hour range from 12-16 unfoiled.  I don't open the lid for the first 5 hours. After that, I check that the bark is fully set every 30 minutes.  Once set, I foil for the rest of the cook.  You can put some liquid in the foil as well. Lots of suggestions on this forum for foiling liquid.

    And just noticed you're just down the road from me. Give me a holler when you're done and I'll be there for dinner! [​IMG]
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  5. I absolutely foil a boston butt roughly after 4 hours. It cuts cook time down and retains a lot of moisture needed for my vinegar sauce to cling to. Plus it makes a chunky meat more edible at its edges. Won't affect the flavor at all
  6. Crow, do you by chance have a vinegar sauce recipe you'd be willing to share?

    This is the one I use and it is my all time favorite for pulled pork:
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  7. Thanks for the advice fellas - I'll post some pics tomorrow when it's done. Glad I joined the forum! At some point I hope to be giving advice to newbies! Wish me luck, only my 2nd smoke!
  8. Yeah man. I have one that is so amazing it will blow your feet off. let me go fetch it real fast...

    ok... here it is... a tangy, yet spicy, eastern nc crowd pleaser

    2 cups Apple Cider Vinegar

    1/2 cup tomatoe paste

    1/4 dark molasses

    1/4 cup water

    2 teaspoons sea salt

    3 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper

    2 teaspoons minced garlic

    1 teaspoon red pepper flake or powder

    boil ingredients for 3-5 minutes and let cool. correct with salt or vinegar based on your personal prefferance. this is my tried and true companion.

    Gents, this is a must have if you love pulled pork butt. After your pork comes of the smoker, immediately cut into it and douse with sauce. let rest for an hour or two, then shred. add more sauce to bowl of pulled meat and toss lightly. do not overdo this one. the vinegar will seep into the meat, making it look like it is not there. you can never go wrong with the smell check. if it burns your nostrils, you have over done it. i hope you enjoy this one
  9. Looks awesome! Similar to the one I've been using, but yours has the eastern NC creds backing it up. Definitely making this next time I do pork butt. Thanks for sharing!
  10. trying to take some photos of the thin blue smoke, but the camera won't even pick up the smoke, almost invisible - got the smoker up to temp and getting ready to throw the butt on now
  11. 3 hours in, just hit it with some apple juice and added hot water to the water pan!
  12. Looks Great!!! Wouldn't have guessed it's your first!!!
  13. Don't forget I'm available to give you an experienced opinion on your cook. Usually don't require more than a pound or two to form an opinion. :icon_twisted:
  14. LMAO!!! That was good!!!
  15. LMFAO 😭😂 - inexperienced smoker, but my pallet has 38 years under it's belt!
  16. left and right side grate level thermometers almost the exact same temp! I'm going to have a lot of fun with this smoker! 😊
  17. 9 1/2 hours later
  18. let us all bow out heads and thank The Lord for creating the pig!

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